🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

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Listening every day is a goal of mine. Preferably both extensive and intensive, but… real life.
muffling maniacal laughter

By the way for beginning listeners, I made flashcards to go along with Peppa Pig “O Kaimono” Shopping, so that’s a few minutes of listening that could be fully comprehensible to you with only a little work!

I will continue to update the “My listening sources” section below with links to flashcard sets to go along with audio for covering to “intensive listening”. Why re-invent the wheel, ねぇぇ?

My listening sources

I’ve been extensive listening to the Harry Potter audiobook in Japanese every day for a year plus now. I eagerly await the day that I will understand it all… but not really enough to stick to my goal of reading Harry Potter and learning the Vocabulary on SRS. So far, I’ve only done the “intensive listening” analysis on Chapters 1-5 and interesting parts of later chapters. If you want to start listening to the Harry Potter audiobook, here is a link to a slide show that I painstakingly made of the sentences from Harry Potter laid out with definitions for several minutes of the first part of Harry Potter Chapter !. It’s possible to follow along the written Japanese and instantly peek at meaning as you go because of the layout.

I’m in a group that meets on discord to study and listens to
Conversational Japanese Dialogues:, Over 100 Japanese Conversations and Short Stories, Conversational Japanese Dual Language Books. This is for intensive listening practice for me. Here is an invitation to the 日本の神々 discord server where I do the Thursday “lunch” sessions (noon in Chicago, 2am in Japan, 6pm in the UK).
Chapter1 Ordering Dinner
Chapter 2 Ice Cream
Chapter 4 I Found a Kitten
Chapter 9 Road Trip
Chapter 11 2nd First Date
Chapter 12 Who Do You Live With

I watch a lot of anime. Most of it, I can’t get Japanese subs for on Netflix, so I listen to the Japanese, but also peek at the subtitles.* Right now I’m doing this with “Bubble” a weird sci-fi thing that made Tokyo into a parcours park with weird gravitational effects. It sounds goofy and it’s light. I’m also doing this with a J-drama “Atelier” and other random stuff. I also just started One Piece…

I “pre-watched” “Little Witch Academia” in English and watch it in Japanese now. I like it because the language is overall pretty simple. I.am.almost.there to getting most of that. I’m toying with doing a Quizlet for Vocabulary by episode for that. groan It’s so much work, but really increases the comprehension absorption rate IMHO. I also find that I do better when I go over the same episode multiple times.

Language Learning with Netflix switched over to Language Tractor, which only works on PCs, and I usually use my phone for media. I haven’t been to Animelon etc in quite some time. Apparently, Yomichan is pretty awesome for translations

*The “Immersion” people say that it is “no bueno” to listen with English subtitles (JP audio, JP subs is ideal), and I sometimes totally turn off the subtitles, but find it helpful to “be on the lookout” (keep my ears pricked) for vocabulary that I know… Because the sentence order is opposite between the English and the Japanese, if you read the English subtitles, it’s really difficult to truly listen to the Japanese と思う.

I will post links to Vocabulary study sets here to go along with listening as I make them.

OK, WOW, I love “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (hence my profile picture of Impa from when she was a young warrior in “Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”; recently re-released on modern platforms, I highly recommend this game). A 2 hour+ You Tube video by Game Gengo Breath of the Wild Vocabulary goes through every sentence, word by word plus grammar discussion for most of the isolated plateau storyline cut scenes. My flashcard deck (not yet finished) to go along with this video is here: BOTW flashcards for your intensive listening preparation. I’m not finished with the deck, yet, but as I update it, the link will remain the same.