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Since I joined the Reading Every Day Challenge the other day I realised that this is kinda fun and a good way to keep accountability! So I really wanted to join this challenge too now, I have been eyeing these challenges so long hehe~
Well my listening material consists mostly just of Nihongo con Teppei, but maybe I will add more when I get used to it more. I am just about to complete Genki 2, but especially Grammar is still so hard for me, I have to think a lot if the sentences get more complicated, especially if I am just hearing it! Hope that might improve with the help of this Challenge~

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Haven’t missed a day yet. Had difficulty with a video the other day but that’s fine, I just moved on and found something else to listen to. Mostly been a mixture of Comprehensible Japanese and also Learn Japanese with Tanaka San

Today I ate some ramen and played an animal guessing game with Yuki. I thought the 4 animals that she described at the beginning where the ones we had to guess so I wondered which of the 4 were tall and eat leaves from trees… silly me.


April 7 :film_strip:

Today I took a break from my audiobook and instead watched an episode of Full-time Wife Escapist (such an awful title, let’s just call it by its original name: 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ) making an effort to glance at the subtitles as little as possible.


Apr 7, Fri of Week 2 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

歴史 [1-3/90] - 人類の出現・四大文明. Well, there is another one from Historia Mundi, who wrote a book, as well, but it’s like 200 hours.

Proper names

こころ Ch.1-6. From beginning to a little beyond reading. It gets interesting in a way.

Then some YouTube news. Perhaps not understanding enough doesn’t count, but I might find some new subscriptions.


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April 7th

Two more episodes of Good Morning Call. There are still quite a few words I don’t understand, but I’m able to follow the plot well enough. It helps that the show is hitting pretty much every typical trope you could think of.

Speaking of, there was a moment in one of the episodes that I absolutely despised: the main love interest, Uehara, works at a cafe, and the owner’s daughter hangs around there a lot because she, like every other young lady, has a crush on Uehara. She gets her father to tell her where he lives (glad he’s someone willing to give out private information), and when she goes to his apartment, of course main girl Nao is there and answers the door. Not only does she barge in and demand answers (which is annoying but whatever), but she GRABS Nao’s breasts from behind and makes a comment on the size. She then comments on Uehara’s sister-in-law’s chest size (who is also visiting). The sister-in-law then makes a comment that this 15-year-old’s C cups (which, from the other two’s reaction to hearing the size, must be the freaking pinnacle of cups) will probably sag with age.

The manga ran from 1997 to 2002, so would I be super surprised to see this sort of thing? Probably not, though it would still bother me. However, this show was made in 2016, and it’s just kind of disheartening that this portion of the story wasn’t reconsidered. I’m just so over women tearing other women down when it comes to stuff like this.


April 7th!

Today I had a class with one of my teachers. We talked about Easter, a business trip my husband went on recently, and how “katsu curry” means something different in the UK than it means in Japan.
We also did some exam-style listening questions.

This evening I watched another episode of Rilakkuma and Kaoru.

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:cherry_blossom: Day 7, 4 月 7 日 :herb:

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I found myself on the Genki website because I was checking up on something and then I stumbled across a neat website! It’s called MyKikitori and provides listening practice that closely follows the Genki grammar progression. There are small quizzes after each conversation that help in comprehension, and there are several conversations in each of the 12 lessons.


Last night I watched: 冬のおくりもの (Winter Present)

Since it’s posted on YouTube by the official channel here’s the link:

Didn’t known the second season of Ancient Magnus Bride was starting so soon, and had no idea that there was this little short. Not really sure how it plays in but oh well, it’s was a pretty cute little short.

Very surprised that I could understand about 75% of everything said, may have just been an easy one, or I’ve just magically gotten a lot better a listening.

I like the artstyle, with the soft lines, it had a nice homey feel.

Also, she was too calm for a giant fluffly thing suddenly being in the fridge :laughing:


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I was going to try out something new, but then saw mio played harvest moon (牧場物語) today, and was pretty tired from reading so much 四月は君の噓… oh well. it might just end up being a chill listening month until I finish that series :laughing:


Word(s) of the Day:
発注表 (はっちゅひょう?)or 発注書(はっちゅうしょ)it’s written the first way in game, but she reads it like the 2nd and couldn’t find anything about 表 on google. Either way, it’s referring to an order form
増設(ぞうせつ)ー adding (equipment, facilities, etc.); establishing more; installing more; increase; extension; expansion​
のんびり ー at leisure; in a relaxed manner; in a carefree manner; quietly; peacefully
鍬(くわ)ー hoe


7/04/2023 :fairy:t2: Home Post Link

Japanese With Shun - two episodes.

Late update, but I’m actually having a lot of fun listening to Shun. I feel like the episodes are consistently getting harder (rather than staying in the same difficulty level), and that’s amazing!


:hot_pepper: April 7

Tonight I watched Beetlejuice (JP Dub). First time watching dubbed. Because the movie started automatically without warnings/trailers/menu and in JP dub no sub I decided to just let it roll. There were a few characters that I struggled with. I remember their English being strange too though. Understood everyone else better than I had expected.

I did laugh to the point of crying at a part I had forgotten about. Physical comedy though. So not really related.
They do use the ピンポーン door bell sound during a game of charades to signify a correct guess. I found that really funny for some reason. Maybe just the delivery.


Soo today I listened to 6 episodes of Nihongo con Teppei and didn’t had to look up any vocabulary, which was nice and accomplishing. Then again it feels like I should do more to improve :thinking: but also it’s the weekend sooo maybe it’s fine :cherry_blossom:


I just gave the short a try too and liked it so much! It has such a relaxing and calm feeling to it, I watched it in one go, even though most of the time I would pause sometimes when listening or reading Japanese too much. I could maybe understand 60-70% and a lot just out of context so that was a very nice experience, just wanted to say thanks I guess! :snowman_with_snow:


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Today I remembered the Youtube channel Daily Japanese with Naoko. She speaks simple Japanese, provides japanese subtitles and uses pictures to illustrate vocabulary. It’s very nice for beginners and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

I watched three videos about sweets from Okinawa, what Naoko did yesterday and ordering at the restaurant in japanese.
I watched the first two videos twice - the first time without reading the subs and the second time with subs. The third video was very easy to understand so I only watched it once.


Apr 8, Sat of Week 2 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

I like a quiz today, although I am a little annoyed with the avatar (has been).

歴史 [4-5/90] - 三大宗教・時代の名前を覚えよう. 旧石器時代(きゅうせっきじだい) isn’t in the list, although mentioned, so I listened to my audiobook.jp (Track 2). 旧石(きゅうせき) isn’t in the IME confuses me a little. (I also have some books in Bookwalker to help with the spelling.)


Youtube lately has just been throwing random stuff at me (and I love it). Today I came across a random skit that I guess it based on something often seen in manga ads…? I don’t read much manga so I have no idea.

It gave me a laugh though with how silly it was.


8/04/2023 :fairy:t2: Home Post Link

Thanks to @Zakarius I watched 冬のおくりもの today! I think I could understand around 50 - 60% first time. I also had to watch it with a 0.75 playback speed now and then because the narration part was a bit too fast for me.

Also watched a few other cooking videos in Japanese. I love cooking asmr so much, it’s super relaxing :')


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  • 牧場物語 (大神ミオ ライブ)~15 min ー just picked up where i left off last night and listened until it was time to leave for sakura-con

Word(s) of the Day:
しぶき ー spray, splash
あくせく ー busily; sedulously; laboriously; feverishly; fussily; worrying (about little things)​


April 8 :european_castle: :headphones:

Back to かがみの孤城, and today it felt more pleasant for some reason. I finished the July chapter and started August.
I also attempted to rewatch part of the first Tatami Galaxy episode after reading this week’s portion for the ABC. How I even thought it might be suitable for listening practice a while ago is beyond me :rofl: Having read the relevant part of the book, and with English subtitles on, it still was too fast for me to follow properly!


April 8th!

Today I watched the episode 7 of Rilakkuma and Kaoru.
I found this one pretty easy to understand :slight_smile:

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