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:cherry_blossom: Day 34, 5 ๆœˆ 4 ๆ—ฅ :herb:

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:mount_fuji: Nihongo con Teppei - Episode 17 - 18
Finally caught up to where I last left off. I appreciate the format of easy first half and then somewhat more difficult, conversational later half. Iโ€™m looking forward to when Iโ€™m relistening to this many years later.

That gives me an idea: I think Iโ€™ll set myself the goal to revisit certain things at the beginning of each year of study. If they become too easy, Iโ€™ll move on from them. But for ๆ—ฅๆœฌ่ชžใ“ใ‚“ใฆใฃใบใ„ I want to see next year how much I can understand from these early episodes. Maybe Iโ€™ll do one early episode and one where Iโ€™m further along the line for comparison?