🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

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I haven’t updated in a while.

April 23rd

I tried watching two videos by Ken.
The first one was about café conversations and it was harder than expected - especially the small talk section with the owner of the café.
The video about valentine’s day was also quite difficult. I’m assuming this is because they might be speaking more natural japanese here which I’m not used to…? (In addition to my lack of vocabulary and grammar knowledge of course.)
I also tried another N4 practice test which was the hardest one I’ve taken so far. My listening score was 32/60 and I only barely reached the overall passing score. There is a lot of vocab and grammar study ahead of me.

April 24th

I listened to Nihongo con Teppei episodes 151-154. I was pleased with my level of understanding.

April 25th

I listened to the Japanese with Shun episodes 10 and 11 and watched two Comprehensible Japanese videos. They were about popular travel destinations for japanese people and good luck meals japanese students eat before exams. The second one was pretty difficult but both videos were very interesting. In my country there is no such thing as good luck meals for students. I know that there is at least one local tradition where people eat a special meal on christmas eve for good luck though. There might be more traditions like this that I’m not aware of but I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any meals specifically for exams.

April 26th

I listened to Nihongo con Teppei (episodes 155-160) and Japanese with Shun (episode 12).