List of kanji that use on'yomi even when by themselves

I’ve been noticing a lot of words that come from the on’yomi of single characters. I’m very intrigued and I’ve looked for a list online, to no avail. Is there a name for them? And is there some sort of comprehensive list out there? This is what I’ve found after 10 minutes:
Any contributions to the list are appreciated.

I’ve never heard of a name for them. To me it’s just an example of how basically any configuration of readings that you can imagine exists in some word somewhere.


Its worth noting some kanji just only have onyomi readings, like 王, if you still want to count those.


This is the stuff that makes Japanese so addictive but also frustrating.


You also have compound words mixing kun and on, like 場所.
I love those words. At the same time, I hate those words.


Yeah, those do have names. 場所 is a 湯桶読み (ゆとうよみ), because the kunyomi comes first. When the onyomi comes first, it’s a 重箱読み (じゅうばこよみ).

With 重箱 and 湯桶 themselves just being examples of mixed reading words that fit those descriptions.


These are kanji that are also vocab in WK using one of its onyomi (onyomi as provided by WK only):


Some of your examples (便語例酸) are not in the list because WK doesn’t provide vocab with length 1 for it.


Thanks, this is super helpful!! I kind of realize now that it’s a little too broad of a category to fruitfully focus on :slight_smile:
May I ask how you made the list?

I fetched the vocab, kanji, radicals with the old API while working on my WK userscripts, it is easy to search stuff.

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