Lightning Mode Problems (Fixed)

Hey is the lightning mode script not working for anyone else? I got really used to it and now reviews feel slow and painful x) I use violent monkey btw

EDIT: I accidently clicked on the small lightening in the top left and thus it didn’t work…


I would refer you to the lightning mode thread for issues pertaining to the script, however

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I’m a big dummy sorry Kumirei.

How do I close threads? :thinking:

It’s alright. I assume the post I link describes the same problem as the one you’re experiencing?

you don’t

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This topic will close a year after the last reply.

But yeah, I grow less and less enamoured of Firefox with every update…

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Although you can mark a post as the solution to a thread

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“I accidently clicked on the small lightening in the top left and thus it didn’t work…” :sweat_smile:

If it makes you feel better I’ll tag you LUL

There u go

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haha, I didn’t see your edit, I thought you meant what I posted was indeed your issue

Well now that my non-issue was solved: how you doing? I still got to do my 20 lessons, anki review and genki but the day is still beginning over here

I’m doing swell, thank you. I have 194 reviews I should be doing, but as you say, the day is young, I can do them later

Do them now :C

Can’t be the only one working over here after all x)

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I don’t wanna


Its hard to argue against an alice picture…

Okay 20 reviews = 1 like, how about that

I’ll owe you 10 future likes then, no foul play, no backhanded betrayal

Kay heres number 1 then eks dee I’m waiting for 20 reviews and no photoshop!


catsmush Alright


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That looks really cool, how did you do that green background is it a dark mode script?

Are you red/green colourblind?

yeah, it’s Wanikani Breeze Dark by Valeth

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I thought I’m retarded aswell and quickly edited it, my mind is at my lessons fuck

Installed the style but it doenst seem to work hm

There are options for when installing; you can choose between coloured background and black text or black background and coloured text


Yeah but it didnt change anything for me