Licensed badge - interactive advanced user tutorial Mystery

The text for the Licensed badge says

This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive advanced user tutorial. You’ve mastered the advanced tools of discussion — and now you’re fully licensed!

This thread from June 2017 says it’s no longer applicable

However, the page for the badge shows that someone received the badge as recent as March 6th of 2018. I thought that person might be a new user and it was for new users but that user has been a member here since 2013.

So who’s hiding the badge?

Anyone know?

(same goes for the new user tutorial. where are these things hiding? :man_shrugging:)


You need the bot for that (@WaniMekani), which was disabled, then enabled, then (a few months ago) disabled again.
For good, this time :confused: Well, never say never…

The bot was most recently disabled on March 19

I know nothing of a bot named @WaniMekani oh well.What did it do?

What was the story for it being disabled? I must have missed that.

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It was disable because the PM were disabled as well.
(PM are a requirements for some of its functions, so I guess Discourse does not allow it on if PM are not on as well)

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It was disabled as they did away with PMs (presumably since you could invite people to conversations with the bot). It was the Elise business that caused it to be disabled.


@rfindley it seems there’s a recent discussion about this bot.

It appears there were more but I still don’t know what the bots did. lol ahh well

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Also if you said “@wanimekani thank” it would like your post



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