Level required for this manga book? (Kimetsu No Yaiba)

What would be the level of Japanese required to read this manga? Thanks


Never read it, but I took a look and I don’t see any kanji in it that don’t have furigana. So there is no word you shouldn’t be able to read, and therefore look up if you need to.

EDIT: ah, I misread your post as asking what WaniKani level you need to get to. As for general Japanese… I mean, if you’re beyond beginner you should be able to tackle a shonen manga like this, even if you have to go slowly.


Oh I was referring to ‘in general’ level, but I should have been more specific haha. Yeah I was thinking towards N levels ranking required. Thanks for the quick response. So I guess I’ll read it.
EDIT: also what would be classified as ‘beyond beginner’?

If I had to put a tangible figure on it, I guess I would say anyone who has passed JLPT N4 would be able to use the combination of their knowledge and the furigana to make it through this kind of manga without getting completely stuck. They might still need to ask questions, but they would probably be infrequent enough that it wouldn’t feel like a complete drag. It would be slow going due to having to go to the dictionary a lot though.

Any higher than that and obviously speed and comprehension would improve.


Alright thanks for answering my question :slight_smile:

No problem… Never thought of it like PC game “minimum requirements” before.

“Will progress but at a slow page rate.”