What level do I need to be at to read these simple manga?

Hi fellas,

I have the following manga:
Yokai Watch
Chi’s Sweet home
A manga of short stories about cats I picked up from a コンビニ with (gasp!) no furigana.

As you can see I’m level 9 and Chi is fairly understandable. I tried Yokai Watch before I even joined WaniKani and I hardly understood it so I just practiced reading the furigana out loud. I also want to read Dragonball but it looks harder than these.

Has anyone read these? At what level could you comfortably?


You probably want to power up to at least 9000…if your power level does not reach that point you probably stand no chance. (in terms of being useful, I have no clue. Nothing is ever comfortable for me to read because there are always new phrases and words that I have not seen even in children:s books all over the place. I think level 30 is the number given by wanikani if I remember right when kanji should not be an insurmountable problem for simple manga but really you can start whenever I think, just the earlier you do, the more you will need to use a dictionary. Really, everyone told me this and I did not listen, but read whenever you can convince yourself to try and find something easy enough that you will keep going. When I read I feel like I learn a lot. Good luck)


What does the scouter say about her WaniKani level?


Thanks for the reply. It’s nice to know about what level is best for reading Children’s manga though I’ll keep trying to read it anyway. I did learn a few words from Yokai Watch and I also learned I’m forgetful because a ghost hat makes me forget things


This really depends. When it comes to children’s resources, it will more depend on grammar than anything. WK also only teaches you kanji vocab, despite there being plenty of kana vocab.

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Right now.

Like, I can only speak for Yotsuba and Chi’s Sweet Home, but they are readable as soon as you’re willing to put the effort in to decode them. You won’t understand most pages without looking the words up in a dictionary. That’s okay, it’s natural and part of the learning process. The point of learning Japanese through reading is to struggle through it and come out the other side with a better understanding of the language. As such, there’s no better time to start than now.

Ok, I do recommend reading through a quick primer on japanese grammar first. Tae Kim’s guide or Learn Japanese the Manga way worked for me. It won’t make everything crystal clear, but should give you some basic grounding.


My scouter says it’s just 9. :neutral_face: … Probably a cheap scouter. I heard that you won’t even need a scouter anymore after level 10!

And as for a response that’s actually useful to your question, I’d say start now. As already pointed out by my esteemed colleagues above me, it’s okay to struggle through it and have to reference a dictionary. I’m only a mere level 7 and have read at least one volume of Yotsuba. Granted, I use other sources like Bunpro and Genki to supplement grammar points, but you should still get the jist of the story. And because the stories are so short and simple, you can always read through them a second or third time once you have built a better understanding of it from your first read-through.


This web site is really usefull to test if you can read a book.


It will give you some test sentence from the book.


@Harlock what a super useful website! I would also love to read JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure in Japanese but it’s classed as very hard! :cry:

As for the other answers, I should be ok on grammar as I am having lessons and have studied in other places. I’ve just never really studied Kanji before WK as I don’t find a lot of resources work for me but I really click with WK’s mnemonics.

It is a little off putting when you have to wade through the book like treacle stopping to look things up all the time. But I guess if you don’t stuggle, you don’t evolve

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Ding ding ding! I can’t wait to see your final form.

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I think I managed the first couple volumes of Yotsuba around level 6 with half of Genki I under my belt and the Yotsuba reading packs to help… but I waited a few months until I’d mostly finished with Genki II (and by that time I was around level 20) to keep on going and found it really enjoyable, pretty smooth reading with some dictionary use.

It’s still the easiest manga I’ve read. A lot of other stuff makes me feel like I’m reading my dictionary more than the actual material. It’s hard to find something that’s challenging enough to learn lots of new things, but manageable enough to… feel like your’re actually reading, haha.


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