Level 60'd

Made it here ~several days ago…


Non-arsed to rake thru the postbog to find the reason (and don’t use anything other than WKS)… but seems so far like you don’t actually graduate from the level, as there’s no transition out of them when you complete all of 60’s kanji, like the others. Just keep playing 60 until all your kanji and vocab are burned… whenever that is.

Sort of anticlimactic. But since getting Lifetime after not making 60 by the anniversary… the urge to simply summit’s sort of evaporated, and an urge to actually internalize the material as familiar and old hat enough to effortlessly recall w/o crutches (like subs), has taken its place. The stress – several 50 - 150q tests, everyday relentlessly for more than a year, then make a mistake on an Enlightened and you tumble all the way back down to Guru 2 to wait weeks for another chance… gone as a direct result. I just pop in when I wish to learn now, at my pace… quite welcome.

All the best to those still fighting for the summit. Completion in a year is not worth the loss of retention imo, esp in covid times (meaning the next five yrs, at this rate).


Congrats on 60! :partying_face: :tada:

I know you’re feeling a bit let down, but I hope you enjoy your new-found leisurely pace. :fallen_leaf: :cherry_blossom:

Did you have a particularly memorable moment along the way? Like when you were able to recognize some vocab out in the wild that you learned here?



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Tbh to me the great bulk of vocab, were peel-film-new – haven’t had even a dab of conversational competence since 11 or 12yo, and never learnt more vocab than would show up and stick from the odd anime or manga. So past Level 3 or so, most of the words were Greek.


One thing I did notice (in myself, not blanket-stating this)… is as Levels got higher, found the quirky ‘mnemonics’ for vocab and kanji, less and less useful for retention. Possibly due to recognizing gradually that certain recurring parts of kanji represent somewhat consistent themes in the whole character… and part to lower levels unlocking more of those ‘aha’ moments, watching variety shows or newscasts, that helped stitch together recall for higher levels… the lame situations in those mnemonics got in the way so much I stopped even glancing at them by mid-high-Levels (heaviest workload).

Tons more to blather on about but that one stands out in retrospect.


Congratulations! :crabigator:

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