Level 60 Blues

I got to Level 60 last month and it feels amazing, like I can’t believe I did that in less than 18 months! However it has also ended up feeling anticlimactic because reading Japanese twitter, cookbooks, etc., I find lots and lots of kanji that WaniKani did not cover. WaniKani even uses kanji they don’t cover in their own example sentences! I guess I just don’t understand why they don’t add more levels to finish off Joyo kanji and other commonly used kanji. It feels incomplete.

On a separate note, how do people who got to 60 keep up their enthusiasm to continue reviews when you’re not learning anything new? I have had a rule throughout the whole process of doing it every single day, and I still am, but it just seems less rewarding and i wonder if anyone has any tips.


Keep doing your reviews until they reach a low enough amount. Get your excitement and encouragement from something else.


  • tackle a book you wanted to read
  • watch that series you wanted to watch all the time
  • apply for the JLPT
  • work on your speaking
  • plan a Japanese vacation
  • many more

Take the free time you get from the lower workload on wanikani and fill it with something to reach a new goal of yours. It can be slightly dissorienting to loos a learning goal (in this case reaching lvl 60) so it’s important to celebrate a little bit and then find something else to drive your motivation from.

You already said that you find lots of vocab in the wild with unknown Kanji to you. Why not start a deck with them on Kitsun.io or with Anki for example.

PS.: Congratulations to 60.


Seconding the above reply, I think a great motivator after reaching level 60 would be trying to tackle some native material or try immersion. You’ll get to both see your work on WK pay off and find new stuff to learn.


Congrats on Level 60! I couldn’t help but notice you haven’t updated your forum level to get that nice gold badge you earned. :1st_place_medal:

You should consider logging in and out; some say the forums will reward you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I don’t know what that means lol

You’re showing up as 59 on the forums for me and I just logged in.

Sometimes to get your correct level to show up you need to physically log out of the forums and back in. You are showing as level 59.

I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I look at the early level kanji or people asking for advice just starting, I get really nostalgic. I was so bright eyed and bushy tailed when I started this journey, I had ambition, hope, positivity. Now reality has set it and it is just another reason for me to beat myself up whenever I make a mistake. Pulling back the curtain sucks.


You could come over to the crocheting topic and join us with crafting some wonky text hairbands :sweat_smile:

What I want to say with this is, it is easier to keep being motivated if you do something fun.
Maybe you can combine it with your hobby.

True, but there’s a bit of bias there because I’ll bet you gloss over all the ones it does cover and only remember the ones it doesn’t. :wink:

Only about 1-2% of users actually hit level 60 so there’s more than enough that is covered. And while Joyo is a decent metric, if you’re reading native material outside of official news sources all bets are off.

Wanikani is like the prep class. You have quite a long way to go, but now you have the tools to get there.

I honestly only did reviews for a month after hitting level 60 and then I just continued reading and mining vocab from that.

And really, after level 40 or so, you’ll be much better served with learning vocab that’s in the material you’re consuming.


If you’ve reached lv 60 surely you have amassed leeches. You’re still learning those items. :eyes:

But, yeah, you should be moving away from relying on WK by now. There is really no need to burn all items, even if it could help to get to around 80 % burned or something like that. Reading, playing, listening etc is what you should be using your time for. And getting to the more complex grammar.

Just have fun with what you’ve learned and gradually expand on your knowledge.


Just as you noticed, there are both more Kanji and more vocabularies in the wild; so if you like studying Kanji, you will just have to study more.

If you believe in SRS, I believe vocabulary adding is as simple as Yomichan to Anki, or Kitsun equivalent. Kanji learning strategy is, you might just have to get an Anki deck. There is probably also a Kitsun equivalent.

Nonetheless, I don’t believe in pre-made Kanji decks anymore. Just learn Kanji as you read, and think hard about a learning strategy.

Regarding Kanji, even in WaniKani list, seeing an alternate form, sometime encoded in not only fonts, but also different unicode points (computer binaries), is going to be inevitable too. Just keep that in mind.

It’s possible to export WaniKani, as well as the progress, with the API, to Anki; but I am not sure if someone has made such tools yet. Might be possible to Kitsun as well, but I don’t think you can keep/set the progress there.

Exporting the kanji and their definitions is fine. WaniKani doesn’t own that. e.g. What you’ll find in edict. Exporting anything else, mnemonics, sentences, level associations, etc… is a copyright violation and against the terms of service.

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As long as you don’t share it, I think it is fine.

It can also mean, it’s difficult to get, unless you know the API.

That is correct there are no restrictions on API use for your own purposes. Although WaniKani could argue if you stop paying your subscription, and don’t have lifetime, you should delete all of the data they own that you scraped.

Building tools, including Anki decks that you distribute to others is off limits.

More info here

Congrats on reaching level 60!

I wouldn’t be against Wanikani adding all the joyo kanji. But even if they did, we’d still find kanji out in the wild that isn’t joyo kanji. And we’ll keep finding words we don’t understand, slang we’ve never heard before, and grammar that doesn’t make sense to us. In short, the path of learning Japanese is never-ending.


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