Not Sure How to Feel

Hello everybody. I have never posted here before nor have I ever used the community feature, but I decided that I’d post something if I ever made it to level 60. Well, here I am. I never thought I’d get this far when I first started almost 3 years ago. I’ll say a few things concerning a few different topics.

First off, I have to vocalize my appreciation for WaniKani and how much it has helped me with vocab and kanji knowledge. I recently studied abroad in Japan and the knowledge I gained from WaniKani was invaluable. There were many times I was complimented on my kanji knowledge both from native Japanese speakers and foreigners who could speak Japanese better than I could. In short, WaniKani is highly practical.

Concerning practice speed, prioritize consistency over speed. There were 2 instances where I was taking on too big a study load and suffered from burnout. I couldn’t bring myself to touch WaniKani for 2 weeks both times, which made returning to reviewing very difficult. Also, I found that when I was learning and reviewing consistently, my retention and accuracy were noticeably higher than when I was reviewing sporadically. I remember accidentally clicking on the community tab once and seeing a post about how it’s okay to have under 100 items in Apprentice at a given time. I stuck to this and found the workload much more bearable. Learning is not a race to the finish; you will undercut yourself in your pursuit of speed. Be slow and consistent and your efforts will bear fruit.

Lastly, I’ll touch on the title of my post. I’m not sure how to feel about reaching 60. I don’t feel too accomplished, to be honest. In fact, I feel pretty normal. It also feels weird knowing that my reviews will decrease once I learn the level 60 kanji and vocab. In the past almost 3 years, WaniKani has been an almost daily part of life, and it will feel weird to see that slowly change. The timing of reaching level 60 could not be better, however. I leave next month to go to a Japanese language school to improve to fluency, as I would describe myself as conversationally proficient in Japanese. I feel really good knowing that I’ll already know almost every kanji I’m taught, allowing me to focus more on speaking and grammar.

I’m too sure if I’ll even look at the replies on this post, should I get any. I simply felt like I needed to honor the promise I made at the beginning of this journey. To everyone who read this, thanks for your time, and best of luck in your kanji studies!


All respect here.


Congrats! Reading stories such as yours gives encouragement to those of us who are just starting on the long journey.

If you don’t mind sharing publicly - can you provide more info about where (what school and/or type of school) and how you previously studied in Japan, and where you will be enrolling?

I would like very much to be able to do language studies in Japan - it is not practical for me to do such a thing at present due to work responsibilities, but it might become do-able in a year or two, that is if a hoped-for future actually materializes. So I continue to be interested in how others have managed to do such a thing, as well as how it turned out.


Congrats! Good luck on your studies!


I felt a lot like you did when I hit level 60 too. If I had to do it over again, I’d have gone slower too. Now that it’s been a while, I forget items that I’d once burned and it’s a real hit to my ego!

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Congrats!! I stand in the shadow of your greatness!!

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Big congrats on making it to the end! ^>^ :tada:



I have just started last month and it still sounds so unbelievable that one can remember all these kanji, different readings and Vocabulary. It’s amazing to hear that you made it. I will work hard to follow your example! :muscle:
And good luck to your further studies! :raised_hands:


Hey Fireshade! Congratulations on reaching level 60! It’s quite the feat. Thanks for imparting some good advice to others on their journey as well!

I’m going to drop a cake for you below, but honestly, @ekg knows how to find the best looking cakes, so this strawberry cake will have to do!

-Nick at WK


Congratulations on this fantastic achievement! Kudos for staying strong for three whole years!

Congratulations! Having just started (again) WaniKani, your post is a good motivation to complete all levels.

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Congratulations! I’m about half way through my journey level-wise. I went as fast as I could through the first 30 levels at about a week a level then burned out. Have taken about a 10 week break and have just returned and spent a couple of days working through about 1,500 items. Ready now to take the remaining levels at a more sustainable pace!


Congratz! How many reviews were you doing each day?