Level 60 on my one year anniversary - double cake? 🥮🎂

Congratz @tnetennba3 ! Glad to see that you can accept Japanese to be part of your life better now :smiley: I mean, just look at that strong progress! :muscle:

Now that you reached level 60, try to tackle that pile of reviews before adding more lessons to the SRS cycle… Or else things can get chaotic and WK might become a “burden”, which is not good for motivation.

Also good to see your progress with reading. What books are you planning on reading? :grin:

Thanks for the mention of the guide, appreciate it <3


I’m really impressed. If someone had asked me if it were possible to achieve level 60 in a year, I’d have said no. But you proved me wrong!

Congratulations! :cake:

And thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very enlightening.

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ありがとうございます @jprspereira 先輩!

Aha, yeah definitely planning on tackling that review pile before the lessons, don’t you worry! I doubt I’ll have enough grit to get through in a weekend but if I can just do 250 reviews a day, I’ll eventually beat it. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve still got a couple books in the 魔女の宅急便 series left. After then, who knows, I might pick up my first light novel? I hear 本好きの下剋上 is pretty popular… :eyes:

Are there any books you recommend?

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Congrats again! :partying_face: :cake:

Is the other half Greek, by any chance?

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Quarter Dutch + quarter English. It’s a bit of a mouthful to say all in one go! :upside_down_face:

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Not that this sounds any better, but it is faster to say. Nobody will understand, of course.



I’m really jealous of those stats (Accuracy) :eyes:

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laughs in 70% accuracy :joy:
Your numbers make me speechless. Wanikani and N5-N3 in one year? Are you even human?

Congratulations on your anniversary and cake day.


Turns out I didn’t even need to leave the house. I got a surprise gift in the post from my girlfriend. :blush: There were six cupcakes, I just forgot to take a photo before digging in.

To be fair, I could recognise a couple thousand words before I started studying + my listening was already at a N3/N2 level!

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let’s see i’m scottmangliczench

(french, scottish, czech, german, and english)

which post. could you please give link?

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