Level 60 - It ends but it begins

446 days ago a journey began.
446 days later this journey kinda ends.


The Journey

This. This was the turning point.

Japanese is the 4th language I am learning and by far the hardest and the first one I’m consciously learning. What I mean by that is that the first two are my mother tongue and the language of the country I was born in and the third is English which I’ve been learning since 3rd grade. They were always there and I didn’t need to study to understand what someone is writing/saying.

So how does one usually start a journey as big as this? Preparation. I’ve googled A LOT.
“What is the best way to learn Japanese? Which textbooks should I use? How does Anki work? Which Template should I use?” etc.
After 2 weeks of just preparing, my resources were:

  • Human Japanese (+ Intermediate)
  • r/learnjapanese
  • Anki
  • Jisho.org
  • WaniKani

I started with learning Hiragana and Katakana within 2 days and afterwards began the Human Japanese lessons. Every vocab in the app got an (ugly) Anki card.
After finishing the first app, I started to simultaneously use WK to become 上手 in Kanji.

Normally one would say “Stop! You’ve violated the law! Where is the immersion in all of this grammar and vocab?!”
Welllll, we’re now jumping almost 365 days later. Somewhere around level 40 after I’ve bought the Genki books and was thinking “You know what? I am 上手 af already! Time to play Pokemon in Japanese”
Spoiler: I was not 上手…

Pokemon, a children game, crushed me. “How can this be?! Why are these NPCs talking so funny?! What is this wretched curse?!”. And that was the moment I’ve realized how important it is to start immersing oneself as early as possible, even if it means to watch Peppa Pig.

Afterwards, the rest of the journey was quite and just your run of the mill Training Arc.

And thus I’ve mastered the 60 levels of this high tower known as WaniKani.

The Bourney - Journey the next generation

So what comes next?

The following things I am currently doing or will start after my vacation:

  • Fighting through Quartet 1 + 2
  • Finish Pokemon
  • Playing Voice of Cards in Japanese
  • Reading 無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~
  • Putting many many new vocabs into Anki
  • Maybe try the N4 JLPT or even N3
  • Watching anime with jap subs (in the beginning) to increase my listening comprehension
  • One day help some scanlation team translating a manga
  • You can read Hiragana and Katakana and some basic Kanji? Now is the perfect time to start reading something in Japanese

  • You are never to old to learn something. You’ll become old, but will you have learned something and be old, or are you just old without knowledge?

  • Everyone has its own way of doing something and pace. It’s your journey, go at it as fast or slow as you want. Just make sure to enjoy it.

  • Never limit yourself to only one or two resources. The internet is vast and full of information. Use it.

And that concludes my level 60 post.
Thank you everyone and thank you WaniKani Team.
It has been a pleasure and I can’t wait to post the “I’ve burned every item” post :wink:


おめでとうございます! :cake:


Great work getting to lv 60! :partying_face: :tada:


Cake time!


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

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Grats!! Which manga did they stop translating?

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All of them. :cry:

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Yay, congrats!



In my case „Ahiru no Sora“
But since the anime aired one team has started to scanlate chapters again for which I am truly grateful

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Well, now you can forget all that. :sunglasses:

Jokes aside, congrats.

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I can relate with the manga thing. Not the reason I started (I just wanted to read light novels)
But I actually just picked up a dropped manga, 恋愛ラボ, that has a gap in translations, and am scanlating it myself for everyone else, at my level it’s certainly tough, with all that searching up, I’m most definitely 下手です

Also reading 無職転生 is a huge goal! I’m only reading it in English like the lower lifeform that I am, though.

I had a question, too, you said you couldn’t even get through pokemon at level 40, because of your lack of immersion. I’m someone who didn’t do much of anything besides WK, so what did you watch to get your immersion? Thanks to the manga I picked up, I finally am reading something regularly, but I definitely need more, because I do not enjoy this suffering, naturally.



  • Yotsuba& to get familiar with manga in Japanese
  • Death Note Book Club on WK
  • Pokemon Adventures
  • Dragon Ball


  • Peppa Pig
  • every anime I’m currently watching (trying to understand as much as possible without relying on eng sub)
  • Japanese music while reading the lyrics (was neat to find out that I understand all of Bakamitai)

Manga wise I started with the basic of basics: Yotsuba&
It became quickly clear that it was kind of too easy at this point but it helped me getting familiar reading manga in Japanese.
Afterwards I’ve started to read Pokemon Adventures (to become familiar with some terms that will surely appear in the games) and Dragon Ball.
I also followed the Death Note Book Club on WK.
In between I’ve read many daily articles from the Todai App aka Easy Japanese.
My ultimate manga goals are Tokyo Ghoul + Re and One Piece which I have purchased all volumes of. But that will surely be a big big fight.

Series wise I’ve only watched Peppa Pig so far but mostly as part of some sort of listening comprehension.
But while re-watching Diamond no Ace, I have noticed that I understand a lot more than I have assumed in the first place.
Thus I have to make a new study plan for listening comprehension (I guess it will mostly consist of watching any anime with jap subs in the beginning, probably something more lightweight like a slice of life).
What also surely helps is consciously listening what everyone says while watching anime and trying to understand as much as possible without eng (or your language of choice) subtitles (the way many have learned English with cartoons) and reading the lyrics of Japanese songs you like.