Level 60... finally

Being able to understand this much Kanji going into Japanese is going to make your experience a lot easier, believe me.

I have used DuoLingo and it was great to get started and learning Hiragana and Katakana, however if were to start again, I wouldn’t bother with it as it doesn’t really teach you how the grammar actually works.

I think Bunpro is a far greater tool for learning grammar and seeing as you clearly engage well with the SRS element, it’ll be the perfect match for you. All you then need to do is pair this up with getting a decent amount of listening exposure to the language, then you’re set.

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Absolutely this. In isolation grammar rarely makes sense, consuming content especially reading (Satori Reader) is the way to go. I cannot stress enough how good satori reader is.


Well done on getting to 60. However you got there it’s a great achievement.

Have you seen the sentence pattern approach to grammar? I like these kindle books by Noboru Akuzawa. Furigana free sentences, then English and Hiragana versions. Nothing is pain free but this feels a bit more like learning by reading.

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I rarely use the actual wanikani website I use a 3rd party app on my phone and it has a function to mark typos as correct and I’ve mad a bad habit of using that function.