Level 60 - Finally at the Finish Line

At last 60. Honestly it almost sounds like a dream. If you had told me a year ago i’d be done with Wanikani i’d say you’re wildly optimistic. That being said it was sure a year of very restricted time outside of College and home-studying. Having just Guru’d most lvl 60 kanji i can safely say that i’m both relieved and Sad. Relieved for finally being done with such a gargantuan endeavor that in a large part defined my year of 2021. Sad for having such a cornerstone of my Japanese studies being at the beginning of its ending, i will keep going back to Wanikani for the next few months with the intention of internalizing the last couple items. Then i will be completely done.

One thing i was expecting to be the case, but being in the position of is still somewhat of a let down. That is how little kanji covers in terms of actual Japanese. I have been reading pretty frequently, and gotten half-way done with Bunpro’s N3 grammar, and i still find myself puzzled by what i read. Kanji at the end of the day is just one part of Japanese, and i still have to put much effort into my remaining deficits and focus much more on Immersion.

I’d also like to thank the Wanikani community for providing me with what i can only describe as communal coping through humor. Even though i never commented, this place has been a big incentive for me keep going Reading the level 60s posts have been a big motivator for me, and being able to finally be here doing one myself fills me with joy. Now that i finally got this milestone out of the way. It’s time to branch out and Leave the Nest.







Congrats! :partying_face: :tada:



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Congratulations! :confetti_ball:

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Yeah I get this one. It’s the feeling of “I know so much! But I still basically know nothing”

But hey, you did something impressive, the rest is on you, you’ve got a big hurdle out of the way, stay focused, just be really careful to not let yourself grow complacent and you’ll see much more improvements!


Congrats! That’s awesome :smiley:

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I think you may have replied to wrong person

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It’s true it can feel a little daunting to reach level 60 and realise how much more there is to learn but you’ve already achieved a huge milestone and studying now will definitely feel a lot easier having that under your belt so a big congratulations from the WaniKani team! :crocodile::crab:

You can always reach out to us at hello@wanikani.com if you ever feel stuck with anything, we’d be happy to help!

Good luck with the rest of your studies!


Well done, congrats!

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Well that reply button is a bit confusing… I keep making that same mistake :wink:

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うんうん!皆さんなしでは最終まで本当に無理ですよね! :sweat_smile:

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That’s really true. I’m very glad i got where i am now. Just gotta keep going. It’s a big milestone and i’m happy for what i’ve accomplished, regardless of how much there’s ahead of me.

Also getting complacent is something i gotta be more mindful of from now on lol. Wanikani provides such a rigid structure it’s easy to just keep doing it. Well i guess there’s still Bunpro for me to do, even though it’s less rigid, i’ll probably still be pouring myself into it for the next few months.

As for reading I’m playing Persona 5 and reading Hunter x Hunter right now. Enjoying my time with both of them. Hopefully i’ll be having much more immersion time from now on


Thank you for the words. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling! :sweat_smile:

I’ll definitely seach guidance of the mighty Crabgator if i ever find myself in peril



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Thank you very much!!!

A beautiful cake!!

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Oops! Didn’t mean to do that lol

Now, you wrote one of the lvl 60 posts which will inspire other people (including me :laughing:). And the cycle continues!

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