Level 60 endzone spike


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It is OK to be slow. Everyone has his own pace that works for him. Trying to go too fast results in burn out.

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Brilliant. I hope to make that endzone myself one day. Congrats

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Congratulations :crabigator:


That’s very motivating! I’ve had my ups and downs. I stopped wanikani for an entire year at level 16, but I’m back. I had to reset to level 3 coz I didn’t remember anything beyond that. And now I’m level 15 again :slight_smile: Looking forward to level 60.

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Congrats my friend! I can identify with you… I guess I am also much older than the average wanikaner here so there are a lot of other responsibilities above the daily reviews to take care of. That being said, progress is slow but steady!
I Am currently at level 25 and have been reading NHK easy with relatively ease. I suggest everyone wanting to start reading to use Manabi reader app.

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Congratulations, I don’t even imagine how hard it was

bow hinata haikyu

Congratulations rumplestiltskin-先輩! I wish you all the best in furthering your language journey.
keep chugging along despite your WK migration!

Thanks! Good luck to you and everyone else past ordinary student age.

The available tools have gotten better since I started WaniKani. I just discovered the rikaikun chrome extension which makes reading any Japanese much easier.

They have gotten better for sure! I can only imagine the struggle of learning Japanese 10 years ago.

Tell me about it. I started in 2017. When I get to level 10 I will have effectively been on level 9 for 3 years.

A litte bit like me already 4 years member, almost 3 years I did shit, now I try to level up atleast 3 times a month to reach lv60 next year.

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Let’s do this! I’m starting level 2 tomorrow after a 3 year break. This time I’m not stoping at level 9.

Feel free to give a read to my guide for Wanikani :slight_smile: I’m sure it has lots of useful information for your new journey on wanikani.


I’ve read it already! It was very helpful, sobering and useful at the same time. I’m focusing on conversation practice with my tutor so I want to sprint to 30 and then SLOW WAY DOWN. Your stats on the waning usefulness of level 30-60 was important to read. I don’t want to get to 60 and not have learned the grammar necessary to use that knowledge. My plan is level 30 in 30 weeks, and then slow almost in half to down the remaining 30 levels in another year.

Now I just need to get out there and do it. Talk is cheap!

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Thanks for the shout - I’m Manabi Reader’s author. Please let me know if you have any feedback, it’s a work in progress!

Awsome job with finishing WaniKani with both a job and kids!

Exactly :smiley: I started in 2009 and find there are so many more good resources now!

And to the OP: congratulations! I can’t imagine how hard doing daily reviews while working & taking care of kids must be. I already struggle with work, relationship and daily life and tend to think once kids get in the picture, ‘life’ (aka doing stuff for myself) is history. (Of course it’s not… But everything takes more work I imagine?).

Thanks! :smile:

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