Level 60 Completed.... Now What?

Anki definitely lets you make picture flashcards. Apparently AnkiMobile is an iOs version. While I haven’t used it yet, my AnkiDroid can hypothetically synch with my desktop version. So maybe you’d be able to upload from your phone, and then edit or use it on desktop as well.

Anki has a lot of options and might take a bit of getting used to, but the dedicated @Aikibujin made a guide that can help. ^^

@crihak can also land a hand paw in customizing it to look like WK

For me, BunPro worked well to learn the important basics.

I used Cure Dolly videos and BunPro to get myself to somewhere N4ish, and from WK level 25ish onward, I really tried to read and listen as much as possible. It took a few months of frustration, but then I hit a point where everything magically opened up, and sentence structure abruptly went from confusing to something understandable.

Still don’t understand exactly what the sudden tipping point was, but I had to sink in a lot of time where I understood very little. That’s why I preferred to read and watch things that I already knew at that time. Being lost on the story and lost on the Japanese would have been too demotivating for me to handle.

Good luck working out the post-WK routine that’s best for you! :muscle: