Level 60! A long awaited conclusion

I reached level 60 192 days ago (how has it been that long already wow), and am only just now writing my level 60 post because I am determined in some areas (the studying) and a procrastinator in others (the social aspect).

And I probably would have procrastinated for longer if this weren’t my last day of my subscription, so it appears this will be my last post as level 60!

(Also, my post may be a little messy because of this cuz I am very tired and need to sleep soon, but I’ll be damned if I wake up tomorrow unable to post this)

So anyway, this is my personal little celebration post, only half a year late… :partying_face:

If my cats were this polite, this would be my celebration with them.

So, let’s get into the actual post…

(Brief) About Me

Not going to reveal too much about myself, but I want to just leave a part of me on these forums to feel like I’ve given even just a tiny bit back of what this website and community have given me. I want to ‘plant my seeds’ as they say, and properly introduce myself before I go. It’s also always nice to see if other people have a similar experience to you haha

So, I’m a 16 year old student from Scotland. I started WaniKani when I was 14. My various hobbies include listening to music, reading, writing, drawing occasionally, and, most importantly here, studying languages! I do also study French, Spanish and Italian, but Japanese is my favourite (and the only one I am only learning for myself, and not also for school ^^')

I have loved the Japanese culture since I was a child, and, although I do have an anime profile picture (certainly not the only one here though, I have noticed!) and I do really like anime, I was intrigued by the culture long before I even knew what anime was haha. I’m not quite sure what drew me to it first - perhaps it was the form of the language (which tiny 7/8 year old me could not read at all), the unique food and clothes, or maybe the cherry blossoms… or maybe something completely different.

Either way, I am so glad I took an interest in the country, its culture and its language, because I think it has changed my life.

My thoughts on WaniKani

Great. Awesome. Chef’s kiss, as one might say.


I started my WaniKani journey (and also what I feel was my start to proper Japanese learning, as most things I had tried before were very all over the place) on August the 7th 2020, and my god I do not regret it.

As somebody who has autism and sometimes struggles if I don’t have a routine, WaniKani’s system was great. For a while in the beginning, I had a problem with always feeling like I had to do reviews as soon as they showed up at any time of the day, but, once I managed to get myself into a routine of doing it once or twice at the same times every day, things were much easier.

Furthermore, the structured learning was very good for me, as I found it difficult to know where to go next in my studies before I started WaniKani. The structure and routine were also both very good for my mental health. I won’t get into too much detail, because this is not that type of post, but I have been struggling with poor mental health for most of my life, and WaniKani’s structure and routine really helped get me motivated to get up and do it, learn something, even just a little, every day. It was one of the first hobbies I picked up again when I started my recovery for my health.

Overall, I think that, while WaniKani did not teach me everything, it was a great beginning, and a great assistant when I started properly using other resources. I could not overstate how much WaniKani helped me in the beginning, and, though I will not be using it any longer, I will always appreciate it as a great resource.

Other resources I used!

Jisho (online JP-EN dictionary)
Anki (free flashcard programme)
Tae Kim Grammar Guide
Cure Dolly
Various other misc grammar resources
Various types of Japanese media (e.g. news articles, videos, stories, podcasts, etc.)
from various sources (Twitch, Youtube, NHK, Spotify, etc.)


Keep studying Japanese!

(Please forgive me, I’m going to conk out soon, so this will be a very short and simple version of my future plans to use Japanese :') )

In short, JET - Japan Exchange and Teaching. I want to live in Japan and work there, teaching English to students and learning about the culture, language, etc. of the country. It has been my dream to travel there, or even live there, since I was younger, and I am doing my best to make this a dream come true :slight_smile:

I’m far too tired to expand further I’m afraid, but I would like to say good luck to everyone who is also planning to go down this route or something similar in the future! I hope you get the experience you have been dreaming about, and get to have the trip you are dreaming about.

So, now, as I said earlier, I am exhausted, so I think I’m going to wrap it up here. There are probably some other things I would like to write about, more resources I’ve used which I could recall if I had a couple more minutes, etc. but I can feel my eyelids drooping, so I’m afraid I will have to say farewell for now. Perhaps I will edit this in the future (if I am able? I’m not even sure to be honest haha. Could I edit a post in the level 60 section if I am knocked down to lvl 3? Can I even access the forums?)

Before I go, I would like to say a massive thank you to the people who made WaniKani, and the people who made this community - the people of the forums. The people in these forums are so helpful, supportive and kind. Additionally, this is a great place to find in depth reviews of new resources, find good things to watch/read in Japanese, get answers to questions about the language, etc. But it is also a good place just to make friends, take part in casual posts, have a laugh, maybe take a poll or two.

Overall, I’m trying to say that the forums are great. I will admit I was never particularly active in regards to posting things, but I did very much enjoy my time on the forums, and gained a lot from the knowledge the community members passed on.

Thank you everybody for everything, and I hope you all have a great life, and enjoy your Japanese learning journey! Love you all! <3

(And my apologies for any errors in this post, don’t quite have the energy to read it over. Will see if I can edit it tomorrow to fix anything. Thank you again! Sorry for the rambling haha, bye bye!)


Let’s just ignore the links to the gifs that aren’t working, shall we? Because frankly I quite like that cat gif and I am not giving it up now, not even for the crabigator


A man of culture, I see.

Congratulations on level 60! Be proud of your achievement, not many people have as much will power as you have. I hope it’s just the beginning!

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Big congrats on getting to the top! :partying_face: :tada: :birthday:

Congrats on getting to 60! I’ve been wanting to be active with forums, but I’ve been procrastinating in the social aspect as well haha. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

Congrats! I’m also a 16 year old student who started Wanikani when I was 14, but I’m from Australia! Nearly twinning :stuck_out_tongue:

If you test it, let me know.

You’re immediately banned from the forums if you dare to abandon the cult. Nah, of course you can!


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


if you watch anime or read manga can you understand everything? I usually ask this for those who finished WK.

I ask because at my current level I watch two anime episodes per day with japanese subtitles and I can understand roughly around 50% (usually I try to learn 1 or 2 new words per episode, cheking yomichan for its meaning) and I hope I can become better later on.

I’m a little late to the party, but I wanted to congratulate you on reaching level 60, and for finally posting about it! Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your JET and Japan aspirations! :sunglasses:

Here’s some cake for you!


-Nick at WK

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