Level 60...? Didn't think I'd make it this far

Here’s my obligatory “I hit level 60” post!

I have officially at least guru’ed all the Wanikani kanji and completed all available lessons. It’s a strange feeling; I’ve been doing Wanikani for 3 years now so I’ve gotten used to reviews and lessons being a part of my daily routine.

My plan from here on out:

I’m going to keep doing my reviews up until my sub expires at the end of November and then I’m logging off this site for good.

I’m going to continue studying Japanese, of course! My goal is 漢検 level 6 in February. Also, I’ll study by spending time with my true love: books. I have so many unread books on my shelf rn (and Book Off is dangerously close to my apartment), so I’m just going to throw myself into a bunch of stories and have a ball.

I’ll close out by leaving the things I’ve learned through my time on WK:

  1. small, consistent efforts go a long, long way. I spent maybe 30-60min a day on weekdays on WK, sometimes even less. But by doing that little bit almost every day for 3 years, I can now read books in Japanese almost at the same pace I can read them in English (skipping over words I don’t know that aren’t integral, though). How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

  2. SRS is the bomb. I never got into Anki, so WK was my first real encounter with SRS learning. Gotta say, 10/10.

  3. Read as much as possible. Manga, books, subtitles on anime, song lyrics, anything. Seeing the kanji/vocab in the wild - and more importantly, in context - really cements it’s meaning and usage.

  4. Goals sustain motivation. I’ve found when I “do something just to have done it” my motivation starts strong and then quickly fizzles out into nothingness and the project either becomes a dreaded chore or I give up entirely. Giving myself a “why” - for me it was being able to read more books (have I mentioned I love books…?) - kept me on track and got me more excited to see my progress.

So long and thanks for all the 河豚, Wanikani!


Congratulations! Have a book themed slice of cake



That may be one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen


Big congrats! Well, done keeping it up until the end! :clap: :partying_face: :tada:

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This is pretty motivating, thanks!


Congrats on the achievement and good luck with the rest of your language learning journey! :crocodile::crab:


Three years is a long time and you can be proud to have been so consistent in your practice. Enjoy your achievement and good luck for everything onward! :partying_face:

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Congrats on making it! Dont forget to log out and log in from forums so your badge sets to golden 60 :slight_smile:

Interesting choice to jump straight into kanken, what made you chose this and not JLPT (unless youve passed some and just chose to not flex in the post :laughing:)? Also have you trained writing alongside WK? I wouldnt be surprised if i failed even level 10 since i always worked just on recognition :smiling_face_with_tear:


My mind was blown away when I found out about this, now it’s the first thing I do when I level up :joy:


There is a book I’m reading right now and it talks about how important the why is in order to maintain the motivation so it was interesting seeing you mention that.


Thankfully I passed N1 this summer, so I dont have to do that anymore… I’m useless without the framework of a test to study for, though, so I chose kanken because it gives me super nice context sentences for the drills, since my book is aimed at children who learned the words before the kanji, so it’s all phrases they should know.

I did a bit in college, so I studied grammar and such, too (my grammar is still atrocious). This month I’m doing a 30 day journaling challenge and posting my journals to HelloTalk to get feedback - I’m on day 12 now and I think it’s really helping! I handwrite the journal in a notebook so I can write the kanji I know, and then do speech-to-text to make sure my speaking is intelligible


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