Level 3 hump help required

Hello and welcome aboard!

It depends on what works best for you.

Some examples:

If writing down things helps you to memorize them but you find that writing down everything is just time consuming, you could just write down your wrong answers.

If you find that some context might help you, you could just memorize / study one of the example sentences and help yourself with some context script during reviews, I personally use this one. I see that Advanced Context Sentence script has been getting bumped lately but I didn’t try it so I can’t really help you there

Finally, follow some advice thread from users that reached the top, this thread from @jprspereira is very popular and it is what helped me with my WaniKani script setup. A more recent thread is this writeup by @Noursaidana

If you have to type a specific word only, you could as well open something like jisho, type your input in romaji and paste the output back to the forums

Otherwise Tofugu has a very detailed guide on how to install japanese keyboard on every os and every device and on how to type in japanese