Help with number + day?

I’m having issues remembering number + day readings. I’m already at level 6 but can’t seem to remember the special readings for 1-9 days.

Any tips on remembering these? Should I just create an anki deck to get more practice?

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Honestly, I would recommend just making an Anki deck for them since they’re so common in real Japanese that you shouldn’t need a mnemonic or anything. If you remember the other special number readings, like 二人, and the normal number readings, then it shouldn’t be too hard.

一日 (いちにち) is easy since it’s just normal ichi plus nichi
2日 (ふつか) is like 二人 and 2つ
3日 (みっか) is like 3つ
4日 (よっか) is like 四, 四人, and 4つ
5日 (いつか) is like 5つ
6日 (むいか) is like 6つ
七日 (なのか) is like 7つ
8日 (ようか) you just have to remember this one, I’m afraid
9日 (ここのか) is like 9つ
10日 (とおか) could be harder, you just need to remember that it’s special
十四日 (じゅうよっか) all number of days ending with four is special
20日 (はつか) another special reading that you just have to remember, it’s similar to 二十歳 (はたち, 20 years old)

To be honest though you’ll probably remember them from just posting in this thread


There’s no pattern, so you just need to memorize them. Study them extra outside of WaniKani if you think that will help.

8 is twice as big as 4, so it’s like you stretch out よっか twice as long and get ようか :slight_smile:


Hah! Clever!


Try to use them in your life in the wild as much as possible all the time. Start using a Japanese agenda, calendar or scheduler. Do whatever is necessary to be as fluent as possible with months, weekdays, month days, &c. You’ll feel confortable in no time!

Also, try to add to your life or to your daily tasks or set up your brain to start using the most common counters. Start counting things like there’s no tomorrow and you’ll go from nつ to quickly recall the right counter word for planets and asteroids, hotel rooms, gunshots and pieces of music.

In short, I suggest to start using Japanese for your own private time and counting related stuff instead of English.

Actually, don’t worry because it’s so common that you’ll learn that sooner or later. Simply start using Japanese.^^


And strangely enough, there is another similar sound when doubling, like 4 - 8 (よっか - ようか): 3 - 6 (みっか - むいか)

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A little cross-platform here, but Japanesepod101 had a tip about remembering the special readings for counters. Counters are a little strange but we use them in English for uncountable objects – a slice of cake, one gallon of gas… Once I realized that the counter system was too foreign to relate to. Anyway I think Jpod had a song or something.

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