Level 27, Coming back after two years of Vacation Mode. Should I reset to an easier level?

Hi to everyone!
I have been studying Japanese on and of for a while now (got the JLPT N3 8+ years ago, then forgot most of it). It’s okay, I’m happy with it. Now recently I have decided I want to get back to work on the writing system (lifetime membership) and realized I’ve been on Vacation Mode for more than 2 years.

I am considering if just turning off the vacation mode and start to fail everything until it starts making sense again or if I should roll back a few levels (maybe go back to level 18?). My main worry with just deactivating the vacation mode is that I risk having so much material in my reviews that even after failing it I wouldn’t be presented with it for a long time, so I wouldn’t have a real chance to learn it properly.

Of course I can try to turn off the vacation mode and see how it goes and THEN roll back a few levels if it’s not working for me… but I feel that maybe without the rolling back it’s just a waste of time. What would you say?


It really depends on your preference.
I’ve done both failing til I make it and recently came back and reset from 30 to 1, overall I feel like combating a mountain of reviews you may or may not remember is harder short term but will save you a lot of time overall, the downside being that you probably forgot many burned items, but there are ways to review those again without resetting.
So honestly it’s up to you, do you have drive and confidence that you can pick it all back up or are you willing to spend more weeks to relearn old items again and be able to take it a bit more easy though more slowly as well.

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That’s another thing that I don’t find an explanation for… why so many people do a full reset to level 1? I think an intermediate thing to some level in which you kinda recognize some of the content would make more sense and lose less time, but I don’t seem to find people discussing it at all.

Like, I imagine that by know the community would have discussed rules of thumb to decide which level to start from, but I see that it doesn’t seem a popular choice at all.

There is a pair of procedures that can help you finding the best level to reset.

Option 1:

  • You install the Item Inspector script.
  • You select the All Learned Item script. This displays all the items for which you had a lesson ordered by level.
  • You go over the items reciting meaning and reading and you hover your mouse over the items to display the answer.
  • When you reach a level where you can’t remember the items you reset to this level.

Option 2

  • You install a reorder script.
  • You configure it to order your reviews by ascending level.
  • When you hit a wall in terms of remembering items you reset to this level.

I would reorder and fail some, then try to remember what have been failed. Reordering become really important and no need to zero out the Review. Settings (native) can reorder by level ascending, but not by SRS.

If older Kanji are of concern, probably Burn Manager and resurrect in batch. What have been burned can be resurrected and un-resurrected at will, but not after reset.

Resetting to Level 1 might not be a waste of time either, if you try to learn Kanji with more vocabularies than WaniKani, like alongside in Anki. For example, one-of Kanji, rather than all-of.

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These both sound like really solid options, thanks!

In addition to what @prouleau said a heuristic that gets brought up fairly often is

  1. Do x number of reviews and see how it feels (if it feels good then stay at that level, if not —> step 2)
  2. Reset x number of levels (up to you), then repeat steps 1 and 2 until you’re at a level where the remaining reviews seem to be at the right difficulty level for you.

^ but this is more relevant for people who didn’t use vacation mode and thus have a few hundred/thousand reviews to experiment with.

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Makes a lot of sense, thank you!

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Well, I reset my acc just day before yesterday to lvl 1. You can read other people’s opinion and views about it, since there a lot of ‘resetting’ topics in the community.
Here was my take on it.
Now that I have reset mine, I think it would’ve been okay if I had just reset to around lvl 10-15. I just wanted to do a fresh start for some reason (I don’t regret it…yet :wink:).
From my opinion, it would be the best if you just think about each option and go for the one YOU THINK is the best for you (even if it’s illogical). Try resetting a few lvls first though. If you feel content with it then all good or you could always reset more :slightly_smiling_face: .

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I do when I have time to post.

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