Hard Reset (2nd time)

I can’t believe I’m doing it again after coming this far ahead. (Not that far tbh XD)

So, as you can see that it’s been way over a year since I’ve been stuck on that same level. I still regret enabling vacation mode. The main reason was that I thought I should prioritize my studies rather than WK since it took so much of my daily time (I was also using other apps and learning grammar). So, I distanced myself from crabigator and other resources since it was my last year of high school. I honestly so regret my decision, since I couldn’t focus on my studies after that and became lazy. In the end, I couldn’t perform well academically and also destroyed my habit of WK.

After passing out from high school, I have tried to get back multiple times but it’s just so hard to. I have read posts of people who faced the same problem but I just cannot discard this feeling that I’m ruining my foundations and just continuing from level 19.

I don’t think it was hard to level up to level 19 (since I’ve not stepped onto those death, hell, paradise and reality categories). And I don’t think I’ll ever find it hard doing lessons and reviews since it just becomes a ‘habit’? (Ohhh I’m surely going to regret writing this XD, let’s see how long it takes for the realization though)

I’m going to reset in some hours from now. This time, I’m planning not to overburden myself. I really found some user scripts useful like Jitai, Double-Check, Pitch-info, Self-Study, Leech breakdown (kill those effing leeches) etc. I really wish I’d found the leech one early in the game. I’m also going to learn grammar side by side. WK is going to be my number one priority this time around.
So, what do you guys think? Would I regret resetting though? I don’t feel like I’m going to regret it tbh. It’s better than nothing ig.

I’ve not been active in the community too. So feel free to pull me into topics and discussions. Suggestions are always welcome :wink:

Thank you so much to the WaniKani team and anyone who bothered to read this. WK surely is addictive. <3


I wouldn’t reset. I did the same thing around your level right after graduating high school too and didn’t reset.

Your foundation will be fine. Youll be working on it for plenty of time to come. You were only gone for a year and a half ish. If you go back to 1 it’s just going to be easy sailing and then it will get harder fast where you quit last time. My personal opinion is it’s better to throw yourself into the deeper end now and get used to pushing through difficulty while your motivation is still high. If you’re going to make it, you’ll make it.

Just my opinion though.


Firstly, thank you for reading and giving your opinion.
I thought so too at first but then I couldn’t continue from where I left off no matter how hard I tried. The feeling that I’m maybe leaving something incomplete behind is just holding me back. So after a lot of consideration I thought it’d be better if I just reset and not make the same mistakes again. And it’s not like I’ve totally forgotten everything, infact I’d say it’s the opposite since I remember so much from the first 15 levels but then I feel like I’m not going to feel content with it if I just resume. It’s really frustrating.
I’ve started grammar and am planning to dive in deep since the first few levels are real easy.

The main thing I feel like saying is that wanikani shouldn’t be your first priority, and for sure shouldn’t take precedence over grammar. There is only so much time so just go with wanikani as slowly as you need to be able to also do grammar at a decent pace. If you ‘finish’ wanikani but don’t have advanced grammar you’ll just forget the more advanced kanjis as they only appear in difficult text you can’t read because you don’t have good enough grammar.


WaniKani is adding kana only vocabulary so just know if you reset you’ll have even more to study then the first time around. They are slowly adding them in and totaling to 60 at the moment, but eventually it will be the hundreds/thousands. Since you mentioned studying on grammar apps you’ll probably already recognize most of the kana only vocabulary. But yeah for the kana only vocabulary there is no opt out nor separate track for them unfortunately.

WaniKani also took summary pages and hasn’t fixed that yet either. I don’t use scripts, but I’m sure there are scripts that may fix this. I know on the third party app I use for WaniKani there is summary pages which is nice.

Honestly I feel grammar would be higher priority for you than WaniKani. It would be a mistake doing WaniKani only and no longer doing grammar.


Oh I did see that announcement. Thanks for mentioning it. They look easy and I know most of them so smooooth sailing, hehe.

Hmm I honestly have no idea about this :slightly_smiling_face: . I haven’t done a single review or lesson for over an year T-T.

I’m going to focus on grammar until I find it easy, since the first 10-15 levels would be easy for me. Then I’m going to adjust it accordingly, since WK will be taking up a considerable amount of time by then.

I didn’t mean it like that. It will be my first priority as compared to other things in my life. Obviously not neglecting the serious ones. And the grammar part is as I wrote above.

You can try MaruMori for grammar. I’ve found it to be very helpful.


is marumori already covering N2 content (vocab and grammar) at least?

Okey! I’ll check it out fs.
Btw how do you write on your profile?
Like you’ve written “I want to go back to Japan…”
Can’t believe I’m asking this after 3 of being here XD

No not yet. I think they are still working on N4 stuff, they are also working on other mini games like crossword puzzles, and other features too.

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Lol I completely forgot about that as I did that years ago. Lol

Click on dashboard, then go to icon on top right corner, then click on profile.

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AHHHHHHHH That’s why I couldn’t find it. hahaha so stupid of me.
Turns out I was just searching in the profile section under preference of WK community.

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Haha no worries it’s okay. :smile_cat:

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I also had two hard resets already one time from 15 to 1 and the other time from 22 to 1. But I was surprised how quickly I could remember certain items. Or that I could remember them at all.

My main issue was to not do the reviews when they popped up. I did them once or twice a day. To prevent that this time I built a small IOT device that will flash a led at me if reviews are ready to review.

The next part I recognized is that’s it’s really helpful to do the reviews really early in the morning so that there is enough time to see it the same day. If I did lessons in the afternoon they often became leeches though.

Hope this things are helping someone


" I distanced myself from the crabigator".

Let this be a lesson to us all.


God bless me. How do I unsee this XD. I don’t plan to reset again (at least for now :slightly_smiling_face:)

Cs major? T-T
That’s some serious shit right there. Tbh that’s a nice idea though (I might do something similar later on). Do you think you’ll be able to manage it till lvl 60? Seems hard unless you’re not earnestly doing the lessons and reviews.

Ahhh I can relate :slightly_smiling_face: Doing reviews in the morning is better.

I’m not sure I understand, have you studied Japanese at all during these 574days you’ve been stuck at level 19?

If not I think resetting might make sense, you probably forgot a big chunk of what you had learned. I don’t know if I would have reset all the way to level 1 myself, but you’re young, you have time…

I recommend taking it slow but steady. Judging by your bar chart you seem to have been very irregular with your studies the previous time. Find a pace that’s comfortable for you and stick to it, every single day. And never use vacation mode, it’s a trap. There’s no vacation from SRS reviews. It’s like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.


I completely agree with the ‘no vacation mode’ statement. The brain doesn’t know if you’re on holiday or not. It forgets stuff all the time, relentlessly.


I did not study any kanji but just grammar. I was trying out different resources for grammar. Listened to some podcasts too.

Yeah thank you for this.
I honestly think the same. I should’ve never used vacation mode. Adjusting pace according to your tasks and schedule seems more realistic.