Level 21 before 2021!

Level 11 was there and then it was gone again - didn’t leave any special impressions or scars. By now it’s really a routine, so stuff like that happens flips hair arrogantly.
A bit over halfway there, so that’s nice (and also not, if you look at it pessimistically).


Today was the first day I had to do more than 250 reviews. Well, I didn’t have to do them, of course… The amount of daily reviews is slowly rising but I hope it’ll taper off soon when I start burning stuff. Although I suspect that I’ve already forgotten a fair share of the earlier levels…


Made it to level 11 yesterday evening! Time to clear out the vocabulary backlog from the previous level before giving the new kanji a good lick.


Took about a month long break from Wani Kani to improve on grammar, listening, and speaking. It was insanely helpful for me! BUT, I forgot to put myself into vacation mode :sweat_smile:
So here I am, down a level (reset to 13) with 700 reviews awaiting me. I already did about 150 today and I am going to get back into regularly doing Kanji but at a MUCH slower pace.

If anyone wanted an update on what I did, I read through both Genki books and watched about 80 different grammar videos. I also recently began listening to some Japanese conversation podcasts as listening was evidently the weakest aspect of my Japanese learning.

At the beginning of the month I was able to speak in Japanese extremely slowly and I could only really say a couple things. At this point I am able to have a fairly comfortable conversation with my girlfriend in Japanese (although its not like we’re debating ethics or anything, I’m usually just telling her what I did and asking about her day) and I can generally explain to people what I want in Japan.

Although I still don’t know how to properly ask the コンビニ workers to not give me chopsticks. I have about a hundred pairs in my pantry so if anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.
side note: 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ) has been helpful but I feel like I am overusing it. eg - (ふくろ)大丈夫(だい)だよ and then レシート大丈夫(だい)and then (はし)大丈夫(だいじょうぶ) seems like a bit too much of the same.

Anyways, long story short; I’m back and I forget alot of the Kanji so I’m going much slower this time around.


So I know there is another Topic to celebrate this… but

I have burned my first 25 items!! I repeat I have started burning turtles!!!

This feels major and I am thanking you all again to keeping me on track this time around. You guys are awesome and very inspiring. どうもありがとう皆様


Yay!!! Keep those turtles burning!!!

@zEUs_japanese and @sagittarius18, congrats on your level ups!

And @Tedloukas, welcome back!

Onwards and upwards! There are 150 days left in the year. 10 levels at 15 days per level, 15 levels at 10 days per level, and at 7 days per level you can still make it even if you start from level 1 now. Hope to see everyone on level 21 before 2020 turns into 2021!


Hey all.
I’ve been lurking here for some time already. Not sure I can get to 21 before 2021 but I’ll try my best :smiley:

You all sound so nice and just reading you motivates me in doing my reviews everyday so I’ll just tag along and do my best ^^


Yes! Welcome!

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Awesome Tedloukas :tada: Glad to have you back. Have you tried JLPT Stories podcast? It is good for hearing practice.


We celebrate little wins. Celebrating those little wins acts as a wonderful reminder that we are making progress :smile: Since it is a long journey, having those little milestones gives our mind enough encouragement to move forward when things get difficult.

Hum along and have fun :raised_hands:t2:


Welcome onboard everyone!

@Marifly maybe we could had some subgoals like you did on Tokyo Skytree?


Congrats on your burns Yuuzuu :tada: barbecue those turtles and savor them :champagne:


This podcast looks interesting! Thanks for sharing!

On the comprehension subject, I rewatched some dbz (ginyu 特戦隊).
I was surprised by how much I understand. The Japanese used seems easy enough for sure, but still!
And I just learned the kanji 特 on that morning, which made that even more special wink wink.


I can’t wait to do the same. Congratulations :slight_smile:

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That is an interesting idea @mweibel .


We can do a poll for one week. We can fix on 7 themes. We can ask people to vote and then we can add levels based on the theme which wins the most votes. Harry Potter, Pokemon etc. could be the themes.

For example: If we pick Harry Potter, we can divide our levels into 7 groups (one for each year) and once we hit level 21 we graduate from this thread. We can even come up with quirky names based on HP titles.

Level 1 - First Year - The Durtle Stone
Level 2 - Second Year - The Chamber of Koichis
Level 3 - Third Year - The Prisoner of Crabigator
Level 4 - Fourth Year - The Goblet of Goichi
Level 5 - Fifth Year - The Order of Crabigator
Level 6 - Sixth Year - The Halfblood WaniKani
Level 7 - Seventh Year - The Deathly Durtles

It would also give folks a feeling of progress. Even if we take approximately 10 days per level, 3 levels means once a month they can change the level. The time period is not too small or too big. (i.e. we are in the Goldilocks zone between too many edits and too few edits.)

Since we have folks from all over the world, we can decide on themes that are broad and relevant topics.

What do you say?


I love the Harry Potter levels!


I’m also a Harry Potter fan, but I think something japanese related would be cooler. So maybe we should continue collecting ideas for a bit. I’ll try to tink of something, too.

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@zEUs_japanese @Marifly

If we want to try something Japanese:

We can try Pokemon regions. Kanto, Johto etc.

Naruto - 8 Gates

One piece - Pirate Crews

Demon Slayer - Pillars/Hashira

Not everything fits perfectly and it might be a good idea to avoid any ranking/shipping wars. (Person X stronger than person Y etc.)

Or we can go the sports anime route: (Haikyuu, Diamond of Ace, Kuroko no Basuke etc.)

First round
Second round
Finals. - Graduation (Level 21)
Nationals - would be joining the Sky Tree thread.

Ike zenkoku seiha !!

While a thematic Japanese fit would be great, I prefer to add some spice to the content rather than going with first round, second round etc. or that kind of numbering. Providing an emotional connect , a sense of belonging would be the key.


Woohoo! I just hit Level 21! I admit I didn’t have as far to go as most here, but I was about to put WK on the back burner for a bit and dig much deeper into grammar but this thread motivated me to at least finish up the teens before taking a break! Now I can put WK into vacation mode and use the Self-Study script to review all my learned/burned kanji when I need a grammar break.

Thanks for all the encouragement!!

Also, I adjusted the ranking post on mobile first and I accidentally messed up the formatting! My apologies!! :expressionless:

Edit to add: I think I accidentally deleted someone’s entry so I removed the entire line to fix the formatting.


YAY!!! Congratulations! I’m so glad you made it!

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