Level 21 before 2021!

Level 12 will be the longest level so far for me. I’m failing quite a lot of level 10-11 words, I just had a horrible 64% score for a 40 item review. The satisfaction when they do finally seem to stick is nice though. Words like 支度 and 仕事 for example. I really hated them until I loved them.


Yeah, quite often I find that the Kanji I hate the most tends to end up sticking because my brain hates it so much it decides to burn it directly into the cortex


I was wondering about this as well. Almost happy to see everybody is struggling a bit at this stage with level 12. I first thought it was because of my holiday mode that I had forgotten some words.
How may apprentice items do all of you guys have around level 12?
For me it’s the first time I am over 200, I used to have around 120. Should I slow down a bit?
I haven’t been struggling with the words yet, but it might come back to hunt me in a couple of levels I guess…

200 apprentice is a lot! I see that your guru count is a little high as well. You may want to take it slow for a week just to get your apprentice and guru down.

I had about 150 apprentice up to level 10 and just drowned on level 11. Now on level 12 I decided to get it down to about 120. I don’t mind if I jump over that sometimes, but I try to stay around 120. I do find that it’s more important for me to have an even flow of lessons than to keep my number of apprentice items down. So right now I do 15 lessons most day and just let my apprentice items do its thing. I got to 0 lessons and 0 reviews for a moment earlier today and I expect my apprentice items to go down as I clear out the remainder of level 12. When I get to level 13 it will probably jump up a little again.


This is similar to me! After a multi-year break, I reset from level 11 to level 2, and now I’m climbing back up. I’m really eager to get back there cuz I feel shy about resetting, but taking it slow is important so I don’t burn out the same way I did last time.

Also, hello everyone! I’ve been lurking the thread, but this is my first post. :eyes: I’m not typically motivated by competition (in fact it can have the opposite effect) so I need to be careful here, but I also have the goal of getting to around level 21 so it’s nice to see everyone going together!

Let’s do our best~



There is no competition here. Some go fast, some go slow, some joined early and will reach level 21 earlier and some joined late and will reach level 21 later. Some joined the thread at a higher level and some joined the tread at a lower level. It’s all good! The only person you’re competing with is yourself (plus the calendar, if you want to reach level 21 by the end of the year). Go as slow as you like. I’m glad you joined us!


Thank you! :blush: I guess I thought of competition because of the leaderboard and study buddy rivalry stuff, but I totally understand that’s motivating to others, which is cool to see! We’ve all got our own methods and I appreciate the positivity here. :two_hearts:


120 was more doable, I decided Yesterday to get it over with and do all of my level 12 lessons in one go, hence the high number.
Def taking your advice and staying on 12 untill I am back around 100 apprentice words and then take on level 13.
Thanks to all of you guys for making me stay with it and not backing out on WK :smile:


Thanks for replying! I hope you make it at least to 21 this time. Slowly but surely!


Thank you! You too :smiley: We can do it!


139 currently… did already all radical & Kanji lessons and about 25 vocab


Hard to resist the lessons on a new level … I did 70 lessons on my level up, I fear this will haunt me back. Around 150 items in apprentice (400 in guru) right now.


Level 8, 助けてください。大変です。

Fastest level: 1 @ 8d9h
Slowest level: 4 @ 15d5h
Actual Slowest Level: 2 @ 360d5h ( I don’t count this in my stats )
Last Level: 7 @ 11d06h
Avg Time To level: 10d11h
Longest streak: 32
Current streak: 1

Had to break my streak… Real life and stuff and I also wanted to play video games again :confused:
I am almost a whole level behind in vocab reviews… :sob:
Just did all of the radicals for 8, and will do the kanji when the radicals are up for 1st review.


I finally found the time to catch up with the thread! :partying_face:

Like many I have also been continuously slowing down and will presumably reach level 11 in two days, which means 15 days in total. After reading all your replies about the coming levels I feel like I am going with the right pace. While the first slower levels felt a bit demotivating, I now feel quite comfortable going slow(er). And having around 50 Apprentice items is really just so relaxing tbh. :slight_smile:


reached level 10 and oh boi, aren’t the reviews piling up


Just reached level 11! :tada:

It was a close one, I almost messed up my 7-day a level streak because I forgot to do my review a few hours late last Saturday. I’m going to have to stay up until 2am as a result to get back on track. :grimacing:


In the same boat. Will be moving to Level 11 in a day or two. I slowed down due to other things in IRL so this level is taking 2-3 days longer than usual.

In Haikyuu terms, I feel we might need to be like Nekoma. Persistent receiving, keep the ball in play and smack it hard with a right play.

We are like Bloodimage


I broke my rule of either 10 kanji or 20 vocabulary lessons a day and I did 30 vocab just to see that sweet 0/0, it has been a while!


I may have done the same thing, on the same level, for the same reason. Reaching 0/0 feels so good, almost better than level up! It’s totally worth it. Just be prepared for more reviews the next few days!


hahaha that’s so true!

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