Level 21 before 2021!

Check out Tae Kim’s grammar guide. I know it’s probably been suggested to you before, but let’s just say that there’s a reason for that!


@KyokaJiro!! So happy to see you are keeping up with your progress! I want to reach Level 60 by 2022. I wanted to reach my halfway point of Level 30 by Jan 2021, but it looks like end of January, not begining of January for that goal so not terribly off track. I only use Wanikani so I’m thinking about getting Rosetta Stone at the start of the new year in order to learn how to actually form sentences and speak out loud. I use Duolingo, but its way too easy. I don’t retain anything. What do you think?


If you use Duolingo on desktop, there is the option to write in the answers instead of picking up the word blocks (it used to be this way on mobile as well). Much more difficult.


I feel like I owe an explanation to this thread, particularly to @Marifly san, @KyokaJiro san, and @Aikibujin san, who were so nice to me.

The first level I considered truly demanding was 12. After that, I went on a mad dash, making it to level 16. During said dash I found and joined this thread, at level 13. But here’s the thing: when it comes to learning, I’m thorough, but slow; by the time I reached 16, I had so many apprentice and guru items that my review sessions were getting a bit crazy. Wisdom and peace of mind are tightropes: on one hand, you know where you can (and should) improve, but on the other hand, some things you just have to accept.

So I stopped doing lessons, in an attempt to bring my reviews back in control. I achieved this goal, and will resume lessons soon, but it also pretty much ruined my chances of making it to level 21 on time. Hence why I’ve been silent on this thread. But hey, a few days ago I found another thread that is just what I need: 🐌🏖 Team Snails on Vacation 🐌🏖. I dropped the ball here, but I definitely will NOT screw things on that one. Promise.

So, yeah. That’s what I had to say. Happy holidays, 皆!


Congrats on making it up to L16 @bcesards san :slight_smile:

You are just too kind :slight_smile:

You did the right thing :+1: Kudos to you for being brave to slow down :metal: As I said multiple times always move at your own pace. Your mind and body will give you plenty of warning signs, as long as you heed to them you are set :grin:

I am happy that you found a thread that motivates you :innocent: Good Luck on the climb :dizzy:



I am delighted to see you here at WK Lswan san :grin:

Looks like we are still almost leveling up close enough :slight_smile:

I do not have a high opinion of Rosetta Stone for JP at the moment. I feel there are better investments out there. Have you tried listening to Podcasts? You can take a look at the below thread for awesome resources

I use Duolingo too. I see many people diss Duo’s JP course, they do have a few valid points. Although I differ slightly, I do recommend doing Duo as a supplementary resource. If we only rely on Duo, it is not a good choice. But I do believe it is a good supplement. (A side dish)

I felt the same way as you for a little while. Remember exposure helps and Duolingo does that a lot :slight_smile: Your mind is retaining it in the back end and I can confirm that happened to me.


Congrats Olliee san :metal:

Please do not rush. You might be meeting up with family and friends or chilling a little, So take it easy :slight_smile: We are not sticklers for time :stuck_out_tongue: Crabigator will let you in as long as you take good care of yourself :wink:



Omedetou on your graduation Chellykins san :partying_face:



22 levels by 2022?!


Oh yeah,… I remember that… I found this app called Bunpo…since I know literally nothing about forming sentences properly, I like he ease of the lessons thus far, but…rosetta stone was just soooo good for Russian that its tempting to pay their holiday deal anyway. I heard the Korean is total crap but I’d get use out of it for my French and Spanish so…arghhh.

So far I’m thinking…

Japanese: Wanikani, Bunpo, & Rosetta Stone
Korean: Eggbun, Talk to me in Korean or Rosetta Stone
French: Lingvist, Netflix & LeMonde
Spanish: Lingvist & Rosetta Stone
Russian: Lingvist & Netflix

Arghhhh… I paid for Duolingo for months because I wanted to use the offline program for Russian & Japanese, but its just too easy. I want something that I can speak into for the answers. Lingvist has that, but it doesnt work well. Rosetta Stone worked for my MacBook but I dont think it works on phones as we’ll unless they fixed it in the past year.


Mic drop

I didn’t post in this thread before, but it’s certainly been motivation for me, wouldn’t have gotten to 21 so quickly without this goal


Level 20. slightly less than 7 days remaining :sweat:


I leveled up yesterday but ended up being super busy


Merry Christmas to one and all :grin:

Here’s to a wonderful time with family and friends :heart_eyes:

Have fun and stay safe :innocent:



That’s my new goal!


You made it! Congratulations! Just in time!


I made it :star_struck: I started Wanikani about a year ago and well, 1/3 is done :relaxed:
See you all in the Skytree thread. I am so happy right now, like another Christmas gift.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

I just reached level 15 which is the last level I will be able to reach before Jan 1st, I will reach Level 16 again on Jan 1st, and then will keep posting here as I keep leveling, at least until 21.

Thanks everyone for the motivation this year!


Gonna hit Level 29 this upcoming Sunday, started subscribing to WK back in April! :smiley:

As the year comes to a close, I look back and think how crazy it is that so many people here have basically learnt almost 1/4 of the 2136 常用漢字 in one year. That’s amazing. Be proud of yourselves. The destination of hitting Level 60 is still way ahead for me and for most of you guys, so let’s enjoy the journey while it lasts!


Mine too! I think it has a nice ring to it and I seem to do my best at around 15 days per level.

As a Christmas present to myself, I’ve made it to level 21 today! I will be slowing down and getting to 0/0 before I move forward. As many others on the thread I will also start to focus more on grammar and reading right about now while still trying to keep up with 15 days per level.
Being on Wanakani since August 2013 I’m really proud of myself for making it this far! This is it; this is the road to level 60!
Thank you to everyone who encouraged me along the way. It’d be impossible to tag all of you! @KyokaJiro @whinette @CDR-Strawberry @Aikibujin and many, many more!