Level 21 before 2021!

This is only one day, in the grand scheme of wanikani / your road to learn japanese that’s close to nothing! :slight_smile:


What is your current arrangement and planned days to level up? Do you know where you went wrong and how to fix it next level?


I do radicals and first batch of kanji on the first day, then 15 to 20 lessons per day depending of how much of it is new content. (I have about 15 years of japanese studies under my brain). Second batch as soon as they become available. I forgot to do lessons on sunday :upside_down_face: I was leveling up every friday morning. Now probably saturday mid morning/noon.


If you wish to you can get the time back.
It will be hard for a few level, but you can level up at max speed in 6d20h, that means you could get back 4h with every level.

At the very leat you could get a few hours back and get your sweet level up in the morning.


So close to leveling up to level 6. I am much further behind in this challenge than many others but its has given me a goal that has helped me push thru and push myself to get thru my lessons :slight_smile: Thanks much!


@Tedloukas @whinette @Xae

This master list consists of all sorts of resources (Including the podcasts you were interested to experience.)

This is an excellent resource to bookmark and digest slowly.



I understand you have plans in progress to start the JP-HP Journey (Japanese Harry Potter Journey)
starting September 1. It may be a good idea to add your Book Club to the master list below. A lot of folks around the world are fans of the series and it might provide them with an additional reason to stick around and have fun.

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We are happy to have you here foxanne :slight_smile:

While Level 21 is a worthy goal to achieve before the end of the year, I believe the most important thing is to sustain that momentum without burning out, move at your own pace and find the rhythm you are comfortable with. There are some hard days where I do just 1 review (to maintain the chain of habit) and there are days where I would do 250 reviews and 50 lessons in a single go, though most days are between those wild swings. Run when you are feeling energetic, walk when you are feeling tired, and move forward one step at a time. Tiny steps. (my favorite analogy for learning Japanese.)

The above words are a reminder to myself too :stuck_out_tongue:, sometimes we tend to forget our own beliefs in the frenzy of life. If the above philosophy resonates with you, think about it, if not discard it unhesitatingly :smiley:

I do not see your name in the Wiki at the top of the thread, feel free to edit and add yourself to the list. Once again, glad to have you onboard, foxanne :raised_hands:


@foxanne You’re in good company! All of us in the bottom tier are sprinting if we want to make it to 21 by 2021.

@KyokaJiro yes yes yes, couldn’t agree more. Taking on one lesson a day is better that taking no steps at all. Learning is the goal, and challenges should be in service of learning not a detriment.


Thanks for the tip! Installing it now :smile:

@Kumirei I’d say I’d volunteer to help improve and maintain the script, but I really can’t. Thanks for the script:+1:

@PamuPanda Happens to the best of us. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m sure you’ll be better for this one miss.

@foxanne No matter where you’re at in your, keep going. Don’t worry at all about where everyone else’s at. Go at your own pace and you might just surprise yourself at how far you can go.


My goal is Level 25 before 2021. I hope to reach Level 21 by October. I feel confident I can! It’s gonna feel good to finally enter the 20s.


I did it.

Idk if WK forums are gonna update it, but I did it.


(I believe you.)

I leveled up to 3!

I’m finally on full length levels. The fear! The Excitement!


You have to log out and back in again. Then it displays the right level.
Is it a bug? Is it a feature? We will never know.



I’m happy it’s still within the 7 day mark at least, and like you say, it happens, and in the great scheme of learning is not a big deal.

Level 6! Here we go :v:t4:


I wasn’t able to complete level 15 in the usual days, but it was necessary to acquire all the previous information, so starting level 16!!!



Perfect! Only a few levels to go!


Waiting is still the worst at level 3. I am waiting to guru a few vocab. So I don’t over load my days over the next week. Instead of having one day with 60 items I’m trying to have 3 days with 20 each.

Unfortunately, for the past couple days, I’m constantly having reviews that I have to keep reminding myself. Don’t do it. It’s for your own good!


Hit Level 9 last night! :smiley: Totally forgot to rinse my lessons afterwards as it was late ^-^" Hope it won’t impact my progress too much.


I know it’s not much but I reached level 4 :smiley:
I am so happy!