Level 21 before 2021!

Oops… I leveled up! 9 now. I wasn’t prepared. lol

So many lessons, nooooo…! Well, this last level went a little faster for me since I went into it strong, and this next one may be slower since I’m going into it overloaded. Guess that’s how the pendulum swings.

P.S. I love Pokemon, so count me in on that particular theme! :grin:


Level 21!

I’ve not been active in this thread for the past couple of weeks, but I definitely couldn’t have made it this far without you guys. So thank you!

I think I’m gonna take a break for a couple of days and just do my reviews :tired_face:
Onwards to level 60 now


YAY!!! Congratulations! I’m so glad that you made it! Take a few days to do your reviews, and then I hope to see you in the Skytree thread!


I know that feeling all too well… Yay for level up and not for your number of lessons :wink:

@KyokaJiro I love your Pokemon story, and I would love to see a Harry Potter story too!

I think we need a poll to decide if we should go with a Harry Potter theme, a Pokemon thread, something else or no theme for the thread. What do you think?

  • Harry Potter theme
  • Pokemon theme
  • Some other theme
  • No theme

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I have started this thread and the Tokyo Skytree thread, which is a race to level 60 thread. The goal is in May 2022. You’re more than welcome to join that thread if you want!

There’s also the Luminaries thread, which is a race to level 60 thread where the goal is in May 2021.

My goal for now is level 21 by the end of the year, level 35 (or maybe level 40) by the goal date in the Luminaries thread, and level 60 by the goal date in the Skytree thread.

I don’t want to create a race to level 40 thread, but if you want to do it, then go for it!


Welcome to 16.
16 has my favorite word until now, as far as pronunciation is concerned: 約束する
I could just keep on saying that the whole day long.

@ontron and @oryantge V2 API key is this one:
(Just in case you didn’t know, soon you can only use the V2 API key)


Lol, that’s great XD! Although DurtleDex got me thinking of collecting Durtles, not Kanji (which is probably the Meta-Quest of WK). It might be a touch too long, bur other than that - really cool!


20 a day is pretty sane. IIRC It’s the recommended number on Anki. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t rush. You have experienced it yourself, you’ll just keep messing up.

@KyokaJiro That sounds fun! But… Why did the trainer suddenly become a durtle?

@zEUs_japanese Don’t durtles represent kanji? :thinking:

@oryantge @Jamuko Congrats! @HilbertXVI Great going!


Yeah absolutely. I have been using Learn Japanese Pod almost daily on the train and at home to brush up on my conversational and listening skills. It is helpful for daily casual conversation (which is what I am most interested in at the moment) but also provides some brief grammar overviews and cultural insights. It also has some Kansai-ben which is helpful for me as I live in Osaka.
I also listened to some JapanesePod101 episodes as well as J-pop (which I am not a huge fan of but there are some songs that I enjoy).
I also began using Japanese with manga-sensei for some VERY QUICK brush ups on Japanese grammar. This is helpful if I have already learned a particular grammar point but need a refresher. It is also helpful if you see something that you have been struggling to say (“should” and “if” for example in Japanese are a little complicated if you want to understand it fully).
Not so much podcasts but just listening to conversations and trying to understand is pretty helpful too. Variety shows are on often and in my downtime I have begun watching Anime (Shirokuma Cafe [I can watch without subtitles mostly] and Evangelion to test if I can follow even though I don’t understand alot of the technical terminology) in order to help with some vocabulary deficiencies.

TLDR; The podcasts I use are:
Learn Japanese Pod
Japanese Pod 101
Japanese with manga-sensei


Congratulations! :confetti_ball:

You’ve maintained such consistency over the past three months too. Is that in line with when you joined this thread?


Well… no. If you look at your “recently burned items”, it says turtles. But if you go to badges here in the community center and scroll down, you’ll find a list of so called durtles. I think they were first introduced in a series of challenges/events by the admins, where one had to post or do something specific and could then obtain a certain durtle. The other way was to participate in the ARG that was launched by Tofugu in December 18, I think. Obviously durtles are referring to your turtles, aka your Kanji, but technically it’s not the same thing.


It’s mean to make me vote between Harry Potter and Pokemon, does anyone have an example of how the Harry Potter theme would work?

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I love it so much…

Made it to level 12!

Have to admit though…

That one hurt.

Edit: Wait… Didn’t you guys say 12 was reeeally bad?!?


Nah, 12 isn’t that bad vehement headshake
This, at least, has been my mantra for the last three days.


I would make that:
The Prisoner of Allicrab
The Goblet of Mrs Chou

Taken from the Crabigator’s more esoteric religious name.

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I’m torn between saying ‘this narrative is so great, we have to do it!’ and wanting to see you write a harry potter theme.


It was bad for me because I stumbled into it without clearing out level 11 first. My best advice for level 12: Make absolutely sure that you hit 0/0. You don’t want to keep the vocab from level 11 and 12 trailing after you over the next few levels. And slow down if you need to! There’s no shame in spending a few extra days on a level if needed.

13 is better! Come on, you can do it! trying my best to be encouraging