Level 21 before 2021!

That is so cool! I’m hoping that, in the coming months, this whole process would be more normal for me that I don’t notice those levels much anymore, like you did!

Thank you, @Marifly and @zEUs_japanese. That makes me feel more positive about this :smile:

That kinda makes sense, if we are speaking relatively to our own progress. However, the website homepage puts emphasis in how you can make it to level 60 in just over a year. If they don’t expect you to be even faster than this, as they are showing in their newsletters, then it really sounds like they don’t quite believe in their own timelines.

Ah, well, I shouldn’t be too concerned about that, I guess. It’s a marketing thing, I suppose. Can’t really do anything about that anymore, especially since I’m already signed up :laughing:



Lol, you’re right - I’ve never thought about that ^^.

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Level 7 ^^ so far so good
however in August ill go on a holiday with my family so the level up gonna slow down :frowning:


Congrats on your level-up!

On your vacation, skip doing new lessons but keep doing your reviews! If you can’t do your reviews. put WK in vacation mode. That way you won’t have a mountain of reviews waiting for you when you get back!


So can we raise the stack up to level 30 by now??

This thread is for up to level 21 only. You’re welcome to stay here after you reach 21 too, of course, but I’m not going to raise the level of the thread. The whole point is to finish level 20 in 2020 and start level 21 before 2021!

If you want to go further and reach level 60 in the spring of 2022 you can look at the Skytree thread. There are also other race-to-level-60 threads.


This is not a race, this is just doing my business on systematic schedule


Oooh please tell me you guys do this too:

  • sees the kanji for ‘fast’
  • thinks: I should not type speed!!!
  • hmm maybe it is speed
  • types in speed
    WK: WRONG, this kanji will forever stay apprentice!!!

Haha I know what you mean, I constantly mix up english, my mother language and japanese so…
I am sure you will finish soon!


You are not alone my friend. I do it over and over again :joy:
Apprentice -> Guru -> Master -> Mistake -> Apprentice

Rinse and repeat. There are quite a few like that. I type “old person” - wrong - “Old man”, “Strong Person” - wrong - “Strong man”

I commit a lot of simple mistakes.:sweat_smile:


My lord my progressed has slowed recently… university assessments will do that I guess… Gotta get back into the flow!


Oh! I hadn’t realized that! I probably read it somewhere, but that makes sense now. Congrats to Xae for being so fast!


Finally I’m writing again: just leveled up to L14! I’ve been struggling on levels 11-13 with all the apprentice/guru items cumulated and also master/enlightened waves, making close to 150-200 reviews/day. Hard to catch up if a single day you skip your reviews…

Now my reviews are at zero but boom 120 lessons due to this big bunch of vocab unlocked by level 14. Might take me more than a week to put that to zero…knowing radicals and first wave of kanji of L14 will unlock more… So might spend a little while on that level…

My first goal was L16 (=JLPT N4 equivalent as per wkstats) by end of August: most likely will be unlocking it but might not have finished it by then, let’s see!!!


Just posting. I’m definitely “in” to hit 20 in 2020. But I just started in June so not sure. Definitely motivated to try though, and I love reading everyone’s posts. I’m really impressed by this community.



Congrats on your level up! I struggled with 11-13 too. Level 14 is hard at first because of the mountain of vocab that you unlock, but it seems easier. Good luck with it!


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Thank you for sharing, makes me feel better :sweat_smile:
I get even more anxious the 3rd time the word comes around.
Good luck to you! :blush:

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Onto the painful road.



I second this. I joined this thread because it seemed more relaxed compared to the other goals threads. The others are either racing against each other or racing towards the finish line, but I never went into WaniKani with that type of pace in mind.

@Yuuzuu Try typing “mushi” or “kaze” or “mizu” when WK is asking for meaning :sweat_smile:

Thanks @MissSandy :smile:

Welcome @mikeyboy :confetti_ball:


So I’m now level 12 but…


My Masters have come back around to give me a whooping rip


I’m finally at level 10!!! It’s kind of crazy.