I would love to see a "new game+" badge/marker

So I’m level 60 and to be quite honest haven’t studied Japanese much at all since hitting 60. Everyday the more I read things around me I see something I know I learned here and wish I reinforced things better. I kinda just wanna start over from level 1 (or 3 to avoid those boring waiting periods).

It would be cool to have a badge on the community profile (or even something on your private profile on the actual learning site for your own…pleasure) that gets a +1 every time you restart WK. Ideally from 60.

-I want my NG+'s to go noticed.

But then again, who’s really doing 1-60 multiple times? Me… I am.


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@Leebo at least 2x now…started 3rd but don’t believe that he continued


I plan to, when I finish in a year or two. Though I’ll probably just resurrect a level at a time and self level up. Keep my normal reviews, but redo all the old burned stuff over time.


I’m kind of in the same boat, although I haven’t decided to reset yet. I’m just taking a break for now.

I think it would be a good addition

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I want to do it twice too but the second time will be on kamesame, to really drill the usage


I don’t understand why they don’t implement newgame+. Many people would continue subscribe to them after level60. A little 4th wall break notice like Undertale would be nice too. Like “Alright here we go again” at level 1.

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I agree it would be nice to have a little + next to our level :wink:

Every mnemonic changes to “you’ve seen this reading before”. :slightly_smiling_face:


The waiting periods will be there whether you reset to 1 or to 3.


And the wait will feel longer if you reset beyond level 2 because the intervals are back to the long ones.

Unless they reset to 3 and resurrect all items from level 1 and 2, in which case, there will be a lot more stuff to do at the start.

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I mean my memory is pretty terrible but im pretty sure from interviews/podcasts etc with WK folks they seemed to be very keen that people branch out into reading and other native materials after (if not during) WK and have that be your reinforcement for kanji you’ve learned. Which I’m guessing is why they wouldn’t really consider a ‘new game+’ as I guess it would be gamifying user behaviour that isn’t intended? A counter to that would be that if people are repeating/have repeated WK and finding that useful then that’s the users choice and why not cater to that. But WK as a whole system is fairly rigid and tailored to what the WK team obviously think is the best way for learning kanji (ie with vocab, in a set order that can’t be changed etc etc) - so if they were to take the same approach here I’m not sure that I could see them introducing this sort of feature :thinking: Would be interested in what proportion of users that get to lvl 60 end up repeating. That would also be a factor in whether it was worthwhile putting the time and resource into implementing such features (ie if only a very very small fraction of users will ever see them)

…not that this is ever likely to be an issue for me with how long it will take me to get to 60 in the first place hahaha.


Exactly. As much as WK would like to keep people subbing forever, they likely don’t want to get people trapped in their system and get a false sense of progression. Lot of the level up mails where they push you to branch out indicate this, as well. I agree with them, that redoing WK is not a good use of your time.


I can’t think of anything more boring than doing a full WK reset. The time/benefit ratio isn’t that great IMO either so I don’t think this is something that should be rewarded…if anything punished, like triple the reviews or SRS stages if you get one wrong.

I got alot more out of covering N3/2 decks and mining vocab in the wild while accepting vocab overlap along the way and increasing new words …there are a lot of basic words in this range. Also forcing a Eng/Jp is helpful plus keeps it under a single system which I much prefer.

Even better, the hidden gem of WK is the sentences (you know, the string of kana in the examples that most ignore and despise). I’ve been going through them in SRS format and I think they much better for output than even Eng->Jp. The sentences are funny which make them memorable plus they are complete contexts, have reliable translations and alot of new vocab/idioms/expression & their colloquial tone is very practical for what I’m looking for.

Reading more seems like an obvious choice; there are more reading tools than ever before and if it weren’t for the book clubs, I don’t know how free readers keep a discipline schedule though…unless you have a natural love for reading to grind a lot of content (which I don’t). I feel you really got to strategize; the vocab spectrum is entire dependent on the content. If it’s below your ability, it’s fun but not growing and too high above it’s great for learning but frustrating and interpretations can be very wrong without a feedback loop (and looking up every other word doesn’t feel like ‘reading’ at all). Plus I need repeat usage for new vocab at the moment, I can absorb words but many need extra practice too so you many end up SRSing them anyways.


This is pretty much why lengthy manga or novel series are great! Authors will generally repeat a lot of vocab within one series so you get that repetition in a natural way without the need for SRS (at my level at least, as your vocab grows and it’s only very rare stuff then you may need to introduce SRS again or just accept that you might forget the word). It’s a matter of preference though - I find SRS a slog and love reading so that will make a difference.


From a business standpoint, I’m sure wouldn’t be a bad idea. From the times I’ve talked to koichi off the site, though, he made it very clear that he wants people to leave the nest and go use what they learn. He doesn’t want people to stay on here and keep going through the levels. Adding things like this would only incentivize people to stick around and hinder their own progress in the long run.


When I, one day, burn everything at Level 60 here’s what I foresee wanting from Wanikani as my “post-level 60” experience:

  • All vocabulary (purple only) words are reset to apprentice 1, and I unlock them via Lessons in groups of 100 so that I can go as fast or as slow as I want.
  • The vocabulary that gets unlocked goes backwards, so the first 100 I’d have to re-do are the ones I just did, followed by the Level 59 vocabulary, etc.
  • When I finally make it back to burning Level 1 vocabulary, and I’m now at “new game ++” so to speak, I can this begin process over again starting at Level 1 vocabulary and owrking my way back to Level 60 vocabulary.

If Wanikani had this “post-game experience”, I would probably continue paying for it after Level 60.

Edit: Also, after Level 60 I’d love to have more attention paid to the Sentence examples for all of the Vocabulary words.


I feel that the gamification of wanikani should not encourage you to make multiple attempts like what the other posters suggested. I would say its not really worth the development time either since most level 60 users are either lifetime or expired forever.

<button onclick="window.close()">New Game +</button>
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If people want more WaniKani, but also want to actually learn more Japanese instead of repeating the same content again, I’d say hinekidori’s 10K WK mod Anki deck is a really good middle ground - all it’s missing is the levels, and you can filter out all of WK’s pre-2016 vocab so there’s virtually no overlap.