:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

I feel like they say that in every level’s congratulating email LOL. It does get harder, but you got this!!
Congrats on leveling up :smile:


Just finished level 30! It’s been 2 years since I started learning 日本語, and now I’m at the halfway point of WaniKani. That’s quite a long time now that I think about it, I’m surprised I can even stick with it for so long. Going at my own pace (aka Durtling) definitely helped with that. Here’s hoping I can do it for 2 more years! :grin:


Just finished level 11 :smile: :tada: In only 17 days, 5 hours, which is fast for me! I durtled a LOT on levels 7-10, but I think what helped me on level 11 was that there were a few kanji I’d already seen before (mainly 好、指、良、働、and 戦)and the remaining kanji all had pretty distinctive/memorable shapes in my opinion, so I felt comfortable speeding up a bit. (I wonder if I can replicate this effect in future levels… I read someone’s post about how they study future-level kanjis to make it easier for them once they get to those lessons… maybe there is something to that?) Anyways, hopefully level 12 goes just as smoothly :saluting_face:


A couple days ago I discovered the app flaming durtles so I can review at work now :smiling_imp:
I was surprised that audio played with the word after getting the review correct using that app and I wished I could have that whenever I’m reviewing in my computer… (rant incoming)

Fast-forward to today, I was looking into the voice thing, wondering if there was a script or something I may have missed.
Yep, right there in my face I had it set to NO AUDIO on my settings :frowning:
I’m such an idiot!!! SIX levels and couldn’t be bothered to go to settings :clown_face::baka:
At least it was still “early” but it burns!!!


Oh wow, I didn’t even know that was a feature. I just tried it out and it’s pretty nice actually. I wish somebody had told me much earlier haha :sweat_smile:


Glad at least I was able to help you! Maybe it’s set to be off by default then?

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Level 58!

I’ve been extremely busy for the past few days, so I totally forgot to post in here when I leveled up, but I spent my usual fourteen days on the last level!

I somehow managed to finish my longest translation yet (10k+ characters) in just a week! Now I’m trying to catch up on the last few translations I’m behind on before Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling has their very first show in America on the 31st, because I’m almost certain that some of my followers will be at that show, so I want to get the press conference and such done beforehand so that people have the full context going into it.

A cool thing that happened is that I wrote an essay explaining a wrestling story, citing many of my own translations (as well as some of my predecessor’s), which was a bit of a strange feeling, and it received some really nice comments, and actually went on to inspire another person to write an essay about the match afterward! Getting to read other people’s analysis of the characters and stories is one of the reasons why I had wanted to translate things in the first place, so I’m so thrilled that my work influenced someone else in such a way! :pleading_face:

I’m also on the very last set of exercises in chapter 3 of Tobira, though I’m actually taking a very rare break from the textbook because my brother is visiting, and I’m prioritizing spending time with him over studying, haha. I’ve been working on my translations for a few hours every night after he goes to bed… :sweat_smile:

Currently feeling a bit apprehensive over the changes that are about to come to WK, which are almost certainly going to break a bunch of my scripts… I’m really hoping that lesson filter will still work, because I’d have to completely change how I do WK lessons if it stops working, and even though I’m close to the end, I don’t want to find a new strategy!


Wow, @fallynleaf! Getting so close to 60! Wonderful! 素晴らしい!

B-but … d-don’t forget to ‘Revisit Old Friends’ (and this time I mean literally, as in: Us right here!) when you ‘graduate’. Otherwise … we’ll … m-m-m-miss you! !!1!
:face_holding_back_tears: :roll_of_toilet_paper:
[ Can’t seem to find a tissue or handkerchief emoji! Closest thing is ‘sneezing face’ :sneezing_face:
TP will have to do for now! :sweat_smile: ]

But seriously, no pressure or guilt-tripping meant! Sincerely, congratulations on making it so far. You might very well be the first of us in this thread-group to reach level 60! (¿ Not 100% sure ?)
Regardless whether or not, you’ll certainly be an inspiration to the rest of us! …
:sparkles: :two_hearts:
:sob: :durtle_love:

< :page_with_curl: making a shopping list for cake ingredients! >

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Thank you!! And no worries, I’m totally planning on sticking around the forum, haha. I’ll be here cheering the rest of you on! :blush:

I think I might be? Judging by the leaderboard, at least. Though, probably not a good idea to count my turtles before they’re hatched, haha. But I do think there’s a very, very strong chance that I will make it to 60! I’m looking forward to having a bit more freedom with the timing of my SRS reviews/lessons when I only have WK/KW reviews and Anki to deal with every day and don’t have to plan my day around three lesson/review sessions.

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Recently I’ve been trying to let go of my own self-doubts (but there are so many of them! :sweat_smile:). Maybe think of it this way: You’ve made steady progress over and over and over again, for such a sustained period that you’ve already made it to 58! And indeed, slow and steady does win the race. (And actually, it’s not even a race – it’s the scenic route! So it’s to be enjoyed – we don’t have to ‘beat’ it. :sweat_smile:) You’ve built up very strong and steady study/review habits, and now you are reaping the benefits of the momentum you’ve built up.

In other words, barring unforeseeable events, you are basically guaranteed to make it to 60! :astonished::exclamation::grey_exclamation: Let that sink in for a moment, and savour the feeling! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

W00t w00t! :raised_hands: :notes: :microphone: “Ain’t no stoppin’ us nowww …” :notes:

Soul Train version with funky dancin’! :dancer::man_dancing:

Full version:


First day of lessons after the new update, and my current strategy seems to be working alright as a replacement for lesson filter.

I changed the lesson order to shuffled in the settings, then set the batch size to eight, and low and behold, it gave me 3 kanji + 5 vocab, which is the ratio I’ve been doing. The order is all over the place (naturally, because they’re shuffled), but at least the kanji/vocab ratio was preserved.

I probably could try using Flaming Durtles on my phone to get some script functionality back, but the only problem with that is that I’ll use Yomichan to quickly check if the meaning answers I gave are accepted synonyms of the words/kanji, and I don’t have Yomichan on my phone… :sweat_smile:

I’m a little worried that I’ll run out of lessons because I won’t guru all the kanji in time, though. I guess when it gets more down to the wire, I could switch it off of shuffled. But, ah, it’s frustrating!


Part of the reason I am doing the ‘revisiting old friends’ technique I’ve discussed earlier in the thread (basically un-burning previously burned items) is because it is basically like an endless supply of ‘fodder’ or ‘filler’ “lessons”, which are lower-intensity than actual fresh lessons, and thus allows me to sprinkle them into my review pile in case I ever run out of lessons during the course of a level.

Maybe something worth a shot. Can’t really hurt, because the process is entirely reversible: Once you’ve already burned an item once, you can un-burn it and re-burn it as much as you want; you don’t have to go through the whole progression of SRS stages to re-burn it.

And again, while it may seem like a ‘waste’ of time – and to be fair, in some senses it is – there are many benefits that I’ve found for doing it as well. So, for me, it is not actually a waste of time, or inefficient, or whatever, because for me it is a useful – and actually enjoyable – tool for managing my review stack, too.

Just an idea! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not interested in ever unburning any WK items! My eventual goal is to move away from reviewing at all on WK so that ultimately my SRS reviews will all be in one place instead of spread out across three systems. If I truly feel like I want to relearn something via SRS, I’ll be adding it to Anki.

I’m considering trying out Reorder Omega to reorder my lessons, since it looks like that one is working again, though it feels like it’s a much more powerful tool for what I really need…


Just curious, do you ever use the Extra Study - Burned Items feature? Because ‘revisiting old friends’ is like a better version of that.

And again, it’s reversible. Unburning (or “Resurrect”) is easy, and re-burning is just as easy – it’s literally the same button on the item’s page, it just gets renamed to “Burn” after you click it.

Not trying to ‘convince’ you, just providing additional info to clarify how it works.

Nope! The only time I ever review burned items is when I see them in native media.

I also have my Anki deck set up to retire cards when the review interval reaches a year or more. I manage my time pretty aggressively with this sort of thing because I benefit a lot more from SRS in the earlier stages of learning an item, so I’d rather focus on items I’m still actively learning when reviewing.

When a card gets beyond that point for me, it’s time to let it go. Either I’ll see it enough in media to remember it, or it’ll be uncommon enough that looking it up in a dictionary when needed will suffice.

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This shows I have been comfortably ignoring my reviews for the past almost 3 months lol. New update has gotten rid of the 2 scripts I used to use. (Reorder script - which I haven’t used this whole time since I’ve been ignoring my lessons too! lol. And rewrite script, think that’s what it’s called). But, going back to the old fashion way made me realise that I had become too reliant on the and I wasn’t actually learning the real meaning or reading of it, I was guessing my way through the reviews with almost correct answers and cheating myself by saying that it was right. lol

I will say that my reading comprehension has defo improved since using WK since I can more or less remember the kind of meaning of the word. But it’s not going to sustain me for too long. I have been coasting in my studies and reached that point where I can more or less get by in Japan (been living here for almost a year now working), but I’m getting frustrated that I can’t express myself as freely as I want or to understand more of what is going on around me.

All this to say, if I could level level up before without scripts, I can do it again!! haha. It feels nice to be back reviewing again after a long break haha. (I also realised that winter is not the season for me. Motivation is at an all time low…).

Thank you for reading my rumble! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Finally face to face with death 10 days ago but was too busy to update here. Level 20 completed in 14 days which was surprising! I didn’t manage to get 0/0 but I won’t force that anymore as many people have suggested before since it’s more important for me to keep my apprentice items at a reasonable level. I do between 5 - 15 lessons now depending on my amount of apprentice items and I’m comfortable between 70 - 90 apprentice items at once. Any higher and my accuracy rate drops…

Congratulations on level 58 @fallynleaf !! Glad to hear you’re staying in the forums. I feel like I need to make more time again on here. I’m not as active as before.

@wct love the video you linked for ain’t no stopping us now! :joy: totally made my morning! And very fitting with my current circumstances! :partying_face:

@Pitapi glad you finally discovered the flaming durtles app and the audio settings! The app is definitely a game changer! Also useful when travelling! :slight_smile:

Welcome back @BoppingB !! I hope you get a chance to do 花見 and get the motivation back now that spring has come! I totally feel you. Winter was such a bad season for me too.


Wow a lot happening today! Congratz to everyone for their level up :crabigator:

I also leveled up to level 20 in 30 days - the final level of Painful! Nothing much to report from last level other than how much harder I’m finding memorizing the kanji. Gonna keep persevering!


I’ve been dragging my feet all week, gosh. I need a better routine! I want to do too much and I’ve been slacking.
I completely ignored a pile of vocabulary for a couple of days because I was too lazy to just get done with it, instead I’ve been reading the forum (update meltdown anyone? :tea:) and overall crowding my free time with procrastination.

This morning I was listening to a podcast and they said it was a great thing to discover and preserve a habit in your life that involves you and yourself. Something that isn’t family related or for work, something that you do because you enjoy to do so.
I thought about it and I feel that this is the relationship I have with this beautiful language. I really enjoy learning it and using my free time to become better at it. If I have to choose between doing my reviews and doomscrolling I’d rather be doing my reviews 100%.
With that in mind, today I cleared that batch of vocab and so far this will be my slowest level :turtle:

Let’s keep moving durtles~


Trying to select the headword would give an option to open in an external dictionary. The default options are JP Wiktionary and Jisho, but customizable. Perhaps not as convenient as the website on PC + Yomichan. I have seen someone made Yomichan work on Kiwi Browser in mobile too, but that has to be the website.

Perhaps my complaint for mobile app would mainly be, I can’t type very fast on mobile. Anyway, Android tablet 10-inch helps resolve this a little.

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