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I am using Wrap-Up button with Review ordering >> Lower levels first. Probably mild reordering is important to avoid reviews stacking up.

Maybe native re-ordering isn’t as good various reorder scripts, but it’s a way to avoid installing scripts. Also native, so can be taken to anywhere with the website.

I also set, Lesson ordering >> Ascending level then subject. Maybe Ascending level then shuffled, would be better, I don’t know.


I do this even for review piles of 30 items. Sometimes I’m planning for the future and don’t want another stack of 30. So I’ll do 10 now. Then a couple hours later I’ll do another 10.

This helps ensure that the next time these items come up for review, they’re not in another pile of 30, but more managable piles of 10.

(slight nuance to wct’s option 5)


Personally, I just use “Shuffled” review ordering. I’m not sure, but one thing I might not like about “Lower levels first” might be if a bunch of lower-level Enlighteneds come back in a clump, and this would force me to do several Burn ‘challenges’ all together in a row. I dunno. I think I’d prefer to just keep things jumbled up and spread out.

For me, it’s okay if things don’t always arrive in an ‘optimal’ order. In fact, often times I prefer if things get a little bit randomly spread out in my schedule/timeline, so that I don’t get all the items related to the same kanji around the same time, every time. Just my own preference.

I also stick with the native reorderings, even though I realize that the reorder scripts can technically do even better. It’s just good enough for me, and I don’t have to bother installing scripts. Nothing wrong with them. Just prefer simpler in this case.

In this case, I recommend trying “Ascending level then shuffled”, primarily so you don’t end up with a big clump of Vocab all at the end of the level. This native setting does a pretty good job of reducing that problem. Some people using scripts take it a step further and force Vocab to appear before Kanji, and both of those before Radicals. Might be better. But again, Level then Shuffled is ‘good enough’ for me, and also I’m not sure I’d like all (available) vocab in a clump at the beginning of a level either. Again, I just generally prefer things mostly shuffled up.

Ah! Good call. I also do this sometimes, to spread things out – did I mention I like things spread out? And shuffled up? :wink:


I just got to level 11 the other day, but I can say that I have only seen “0 lesson available” once or twice on my way here :sweat_smile: (Well not counting for anything that happened before level 4).
For sure slow and steady, but that can also be a more comfortable (albeit potentially slower) alternative to the 120 lessons batch that seems to happen every time I level up.


Thank you so much for this detailed explanation. I actually had no idea of the existence of this button before reading your post.

Last night I did feel a bit of panic after imagining my future self trying to deal with all the logs ablaze at once but this tool is an absolute game changer!

Now I understand that the future challenge is the toughest one and its shaped by our own enthusiasm.
I also need to learn from @raindrops because it still irks me to see the piles there waiting, so far I had being able to finish those quick, but I’m sure I’ll burnout if I keep doing that on the upper levels.

In the end I’m actually really happy with my decision of dividing my new lessons in 3 blocks after all! (I was feeling guilty/lazy yesterday at work lol) by the way… the reviews call me, see y’all later!


Speaking of the little tricks we use to make WK more enjoyable, how do people feel about the reorder script? Primarily I use it during lessons so that I can learn all the vocabulary before starting a new level’s radicals/kanji. But recently I’ve used it for some review sessions, set to show me the most recent levels first. I find when I do this it feels a little bit like I’m cheating because I feel like some of the reviews I only got right because they were asked at the same time as other kanji/vocabulary I learnt at the same time and so the meanings are associated in my memory. It’s not like when I have no reorder script used and the review shown could be from any level so I don’t have that crutch. Does anyone else feel like this? I’m conflicted because it undoubtedly does make my reviews a bit easier but is that at a detriment to my learning ?


It is probably a bit of a detriment, yes. Ideally, you don’t want to give your brain clues outside of the individual words themselves, and if you know for sure that the reviews are going to be recent items, that’ll give you clues that you wouldn’t have in the wild.

Using a reorder script (or the native reorder feature) is good for when you’re working through a pile of reviews that’s too big to cover in one sitting, because it’ll let you hit the right intervals for all of the items, but you probably shouldn’t use it for your normal review sessions. You also should aim to not leave standing reviews, if you can. You want to be able to regularly clear out your reviews. If you can’t do that, then you need to stop doing lessons until you can.

I do use the lesson filter script for my lessons every single day, but I feel like I’ve talked about this repeatedly, haha, so I’ll let someone else weigh in. I just use it to distribute the kanji lessons throughout the level so that I’m learning a mixture of kanji and vocab every day instead of having huge clumps of either type.


ありがとう, wct-san!
For a beginner, this is most usefull! I’m not building a huge review mountain (trying to be moderate at doing new lessons), but even being able to break up a moderate 50 reviews in a few chunks is great!


I think reorder for lower level first is good in that it might not be harmful, as well as may postpone recent levels even farther. So, actually making it more challenging.

Nonetheless, there is a question of initial short term memory for relatively new items, of at least 1 day long; and without doubt, 4-hour, 8-hour intervals may help with that. However, this reorder isn’t native; as well as maybe done better with immersion (reading), as the scope of leveled Kanji isn’t so wide…


I use reorder to get the vocabs out first too.
I usually empty all vocabs before doing kanji.
This is my version of 0/0.
Doesn’t have to be all zero, just zero vocab lessons (so no reorder abuse, leaving vocabs behind) and zero reviews.

I sort reviews by srs. Lowest srs first. Any fails will mix up the sets,so things doesn’t stick together unless you never fail any of them. In which case thye return together anyway, getting them a bit clustered in the review pile doesn’t make much of a difference if you do reviews often so most the time you don’t even get mixed piles to begin with.
I just feels it helps with how deep I need to lock (short term vs long term memory), not cause the items are together.
This is why I sort srs and not levels. Levels will be a mix, depending on how well I have done them.


Welcome to the community! :smiley:


Levelled up to level 29 in (one hour off) 15 days! For me that’s a speedy level :> I’m travelling for a week and a half in a week’s time and wanikani will defo take a backseat so I have a feeling I won’t finish level 29 before April but we’ll see! Didn’t realize until the level-up email mentioned it that I’m nearly done with the death levels :o can’t really believe it!

Bare Bears GIFs | Tenor

Thanks everyone for your replies about the reorder script :> I’ll go back to not using it in reviews I think!


I don’t know if getting out of the death levels is a good thing.

H̶̟́͝e̴̥̘͗l̶̹̗̅̒l̷͚̙̃͝ ̵̨͕̃i̸̬͗s̵̱̏ ̸̞̠̐n̵͚̼̓è̴̹ẍ̴̲͌t̶̯͂


Level 57!

Been a busy past fourteen days for me! I’ve been trying to catch up on a whole bunch of translations, so I’ve been putting a lot of time into that. I also totally got distracted creating a Notion page, which compiles pretty much all of the resources I use regularly, plus some other fun stuff, like my senryu translations. It’s basically cobbled together entirely from stuff that’s already in my study log, so making it public was a no-brainer. Check it out!

As you can tell by the cake icon next to my name, it’s my two year anniversary of joining the forum! I consider the day I joined the forum as the day I fully committed to learning Japanese, so this marks two years of consistent study! In honor of the occasion, I wrote up a huge overview post on my study log that talks about what I can do currently, the resources that have been most useful to me, and what my daily routines are for WaniKani, Tobira, and my translations.

I also nearly ran out of lessons at the end of this past level, which gave me quite the scare, haha. I did a bit of math and realized that either I needed to do more kanji each day (and therefore level up quicker), or do fewer lessons each day and keep my two-week pace. I chose the latter because I think this is a better pace for Tobira, and I like using my WK level-ups to motivate me to stay on track with the textbook. The good news is it should lighten my review load a little bit, because I’ve had more older items coming back, and the latter half of the 50’s don’t tend to stick as well. So I’m going to be reducing my daily lesson count to 8 (3 kanji + 5 vocab) instead of 10.


Happy anniversary!!! :partying_face:
You’ve come a long way in two years! :grinning:

Just read your overview post too. Thanks for sharing your translation process! It’s cool to see all the steps involved in a process like translation. Goes to show how much work and love goes into sharing something with as many people across the globe as possible. And I’m excited to check out some of the resources you included in your tools section.

3 more levels til cake!


Thank you!!

I’m glad the translation process was helpful/interesting! Sometimes I forget how much refining went into my current process, haha, so I figured it was worth sharing what I’ve sort of settled on now!

I realized that I totally forgot to mention this in that section, probably because I talked about it in the study log entry right above it, but I just calculated my average translation speed, and it factors out to be about 600 characters an hour (at least for pro wrestling. I imagine it would be slower for a domain I’m not familiar with, haha). This includes the initial rough draft of the translation, researching the words and grammar I can’t figure out, watching the video and following along with the transcript, posting my questions in the pro wrestling thread, and then implementing edits and doing the final polishing.

So standard TJPW shows are about 2-4 hours of work, press conferences tend to be 4-8 hours (depending on if they have one or two parts), Korakuen shows are about 9-10 hours, and big shows like Wrestle Princess are like 15 hours. I’d estimate that maybe an average month’s worth of shows is about 20 hours (minimum) of translation work for me. This month is, uh, not an average month!



These past few days have been super busy! Had to take a surprise trip to Beijing and I couldn’t review during lunch break and when I got back from the trip I kind of had a big pile waiting. I was completely exhausted but I powered through and finished the reviews before going to bed.
But oh surprise! I unlocked a mountain of new vocab. :see_no_evil:

I was horrified lmao.

In a daze, I think I did 10 or 15 lessons and then went to bed finally.
This morning I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t retain those new lessons as well, I was simply too tired, so I failed a bunch of words :skull:

Oh well! Good thing is that I slept almost ten hours and woke up feeling full of determination to work on these lessons.
Happily enough, I already knew a bunch of readings for these new vocab (all those 来+ x kanji) so I blazed through those new vocab lessons didn’t even take notes or anything. :fire: :boom:

Overall feeling pretty optimistic, obviously I’m not going to level up tomorrow because this level was definitively much longer and had a lot of new vocab. In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t unlocked all of it.

I think maybe next week or by Wednesday I may be done with level 5. We will see! Monday will be busy too. :thinking:


I got to lv 10 few days ago. Went to Japan and just came back, took it slower while there since I didnt wanna worry about learning new stuff while on holiday. Kept up with the reviews tho so I kept my daily streak.


Looks like the onslaught of returning reviews hasn’t quite relented since I leveled up to 29 a few days ago. I’m still finding the review stacks (here and on BunPro and KaniWani) piling up more quickly than I would like, and I suspect it will continue this way for a quite a while.

I feel like a durtle in a heavy rain/snow/sleet storm, trudging along.
:wind_face: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :durtle:

Looking forward to a little less precipitation, pleeease! Maybe time for an umbrella?
:umbrella: :durtle:


Ended up leveling up on Tuesday, but I couldn’t begin the new level without finishing the last batch of vocab, so I separated it into 3 batches again and today I finished the last bit of level 5.

The congratulating email is right though, it is starting to get tough.