:durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢

Indeed. I also wrote a comment on another thread about a technique I call a ‘rolling reset’.

I’m still currently continuing with this ongoing rolling reset. It’s even to the point that I’m re-burning the items I reset.

While I’m currently at level 28 (a few more days left), I’m also in the process of rolling-resetting my burned items from level 18. And over the course of the last several months, I have already rolling-reset levels 1-17, and I’m already re-burning items at around level 8 to 9.

In this process, I’ve become a lot more confident that I ‘really know’ all the items I’ve previously burned. Most of them were quite straightforward, and I re-burned them without any mistakes. Maybe about 30% of them give me any trouble at all, and maybe about 5-10% I might call ‘leeches’. But the SRS just does its magic thing and eventually I re-learn those ones again, and finally re-burn them as well. In comparison to new lessons, all of them except perhaps the leeches are much easier in terms of mental energy required.

And, in some ways, doing a rolling reset has actually been helpful for me to enjoy Durtling the Scenic Route, since the ‘old friends’ are less mentally taxing and I have a higher accuracy with them, so I get more ‘positive feedback’ during my review sessions.

You might think re-doing all those early items would be boring or overwhelming. But it’s actually not (for me at least). It’s actually enjoyable. Pleasant, even! Who’da thunk it?!