Can anyone create a 'Rusume Lesson/Review' script?

I use Wanikani on my phone a lot, often in places with poor Wifi coverage, and even at home shit happens. Anytime my lessons get interrupted, I have to start again with a new random set of items, even if I’d just spent ten minutes studying the last five and now maybe I won’t see those until I finish my entire review queue. Ugggh. It’s only a little less annoying with reviews. In that case by the time I’m deep into the session there are usually a half dozen items sitting in the review queue with the meaning or reading prompt only done, waiting to come up so I can answer the other question, and if I’m interrupted those are whipped out and I have to start again.

So what I’d like is a script that allows me to pick up interrupted lessons and reviews right where I left off. It seems like it should be possible since we already have re-order scripts for both lessons and reviews, and the infamous ignore answer script, and other people then me have to find this equally annoying, so why has no even mentioned this before?