Does tsurukame have order script

On lesson and review
Does it have reorder script…???
For example in lesson I will study from 1 to 2 to 3 from rad to kanji to Vocab or its total random.?
It’s the most important script in Wanikani I think so
@davidsansome can u add most used script like Wanikani app does…??? If you do that I think many will thanks to ur effort as the best app on ios

I really think you should lay off any and all reorder scripts.


I think u should stop sneak into other business that’s anoying


It’s good advice


Yeah, geez, @konekush. The guy went and posted a thread in a forum where anyone could reply. What are you doing replying to it?

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Almost eight hundred apprentice items… :OOO
@jays vocab only helps with kanji’s readings, and often introduces new ones with exceptions and verbs’ readings. I hope you know what you’re doing and you won’t burn out. I know you want to be quick, but please take care :yellow_heart:

You should really consider the advice you’re being given, I’m level 6, still have about 60 level 5 vocab lessons left, and I have more guru+ vocab than you, kanjis alone are usually on-yomi, which is chinese reading, which if you told a japanese person じん or にん they wouldn’t understand what you’re talking about, now tell them ひと then they will get it, and that’s only scratching the surface, vocab is very important, there’s a reason why WK teaches it to you :wink:


I’m not being a busybody for no reason. You’ve come to the forums several times asking for help in a way that makes it obvious for people who’ve been learning Japanese for a while that you’re at the beginning of your Japanese experience, but with very high hopes for the future.

My advice is not trying to shame you or make you feel stupid; it’s because we’ve seen people do what you’re doing (over and over again) and then come back and reset their level because they prioritised kanji over the vocabulary, and then tried doing anything in Japanese only to realise that the kanji is worth nothing without vocabulary. It’s like knowing the letters ‘c’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ but not knowing what ‘cat’ is.

A couple of months back you were in a panic because you were afraid the JLPT would be changed with something different; another time you wanted us to help you plan your JLPT schedule with you; a different time you complained about being unable to understand the vocabulary readings and said you might start Genki 1.

In order to achieve your very commendable, long-term dreams, you need to realise that the kanji section in the JLPT is a tiny speck in the grand JLPT scheme. What it’s mainly checking is vocabulary and grammar – the words that make up the language. Knowing the vocab and grammar is what will allow you to pass the JLPT at the end of the day.

If you really do have 15 hours a day to study like you’ve said before, there’s no reason you cannot focus on all 4 aspects of the JLPT exam – grammar (requires vocabulary), vocabulary, listening (requires vocabulary and grammar) and reading (requires vocabulary and grammar).

You might notice that there’s a trend there that requires vocabulary. Which you’re not reviewing at all, otherwise it would’ve shown on your profile’s Wall of Shame.

By focusing on the kanji themselves rather than the vocabulary that is composed from them, not only are you sabotaging yourself, but it’s also possible that WK is not the program you need to invest your time, money, and energy on.




It’s the only advice that can help you now though.


Could have swore I just recently saw someone who said they reset because they “made the huge mistake of using the reorder script to skip vocabulary”…

Vocabulary not only helps to reinforce what you’ve learned but it also introduces new readings for the kanji that weren’t taught previously. It helps you to guess at how to read words you don’t know (but do know the kanji for) and overall it’s just as important as the kanji itself.

I used to be level 20 but I reset recently since I haven’t done wanikani in years. I’ve been studying Japanese lately and one thing I’ve been struggling with is vocabulary - without it, it slows learning grammar down considerably and makes it difficult to put anything you’ve learned into practice through reading, speaking or listening because knowing kanji and grammar means little when you don’t know words. And I know words. I still remember some from the last time I did wanikani, but certainly not enough. You need to know a lot of words.

I would listen to the advice you’re getting. People here want to help you.


Yeah, it was rather interesting to hear him complain in the other thread that he can’t remember readings of verbs and yet despite being told his problem is neglecting the vocab reviews he still is plowing ahead with doing almost no vocab reviews. It’s mind boggling. At a certain point, someone is just a lost cause…

But it is a shame to see himself doing all he can to sabotage his longterm learning to reach a useless level number.


Since nobody actually answered the original question here, yes it does but it wasn’t added until last April. But, like everyone said above, if you use it, don’t completely ignore vocab.