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Sup, I’m actually trying to get my level up to come faster, so I searched some methods in the forum, when I eventually stumbled upon el famoso guide.

I read it all multiple times, and it inspired me a lot (thanks author !) but while trying to make my own schedule like he’s shown (or at least similar), I’m not going as fast as I want to be, it’s probably because I’m not doing things right here.

  • Do the radical lessons as soon as you level up. The sooner you guru the radicals, the sooner the 2nd half of Kanji will appear.

Should I do the radicals like, immediately ? or wait for my next lesson session ?

Personally, i only do lessons in the morning. This leads to ~8 day levels, if your accuracy is high enough.
That’s fast enough for me.


Question - what’s your reason for wanting to speed up?

That said, the fastest you can clear most levels is in 6 days and ~20 hours. A 7-8 days per level schedule is considered a very fast pace.

To get to the 6d20h schedule, you need to do all your radical and kanji lessons as they become available, without waiting, and also wake up in the middle of the night a night or two a week to do reviews and lessons.


Actually, you only have to do the radicals as soon as they pop, and you have to make sure you polish off all your kanji when the second batch becomes available.

So you can do radicals immediately upon levelling, then spread the kanji over the next two days. But the second wave of kanji (and leftover first-wave kanji, if you have them) have to be done immediately and fully if you want max speed.

I do think this is important to consider beforehand @Dorifor. ^^ Everything you do in WK has implications for six months down the road. If your preferences or schedule don’t allow for 150-250 reviews every single day, until about six months after you hit level 60, you’re setting yourself up to drown in reviews.

If you know you can handle that: go for it, of course! Just make sure you make an informed decision that befits your learning habits and available time. Especially since just doing WK doesn’t really help to progress Japanese as a whole, so you need the 1-2 hours a day that WK will require at top speed, as well as time to do plenty of other things to round out your studies.

Best of luck!


I’m curious, but around what level does this start happening?


Based on my heatmap, I’ve been hovering around minimum 150 reviews a day since level 7ish.
I haven’t even started burning yet, although I’ll get there next month.


Looking at my heatmap, after starting level 8, I had about 2 more days of having less than 100 reviews. So for me, 8-60. ^^ It all depends on how people spread their lessons, and of course their accuracy percentages. More mistakes mean you’ll be doing more reviews.

I didn’t go full speed all the way, but according to WK stats, I did 51 out of 60 levels in 8 days or less.


I just want to learn the fastest way possible, but if I manage to level up in 8 days that’s plenty good for me, it’s just that I’m not that fast yet

@Omun to be honest I have plenty of time, I’m a student and I don’t really have anything else besides some studies, so 100 to 200 reviews per days doesn’t scare me at all, I’m planning to get Bunpro at the same time, because the SRS system seems to work a lot for me (plus I’ll try to read more, since it’s my n°1 objective)

How did you have so much reviews a day ? did you do only a single review session ?


I do 25 lessons every morning, and then I do all my reviews more or less as they come up. It accumulates over the course of the day.

I see, I do my reviews in the morning, just before my lesson session, then I wait 11/12am to do them again, and finally I do a last review session at 8pm, but I don’t know how many I do accumulated.

For me it happened once items came back for enlightenment, and then they tipped into the “too many a day” territory (200+ every day) once I started burning them. And that was with near perfect recall because I’d already gone through the material before resetting at level 20 (twice). Somebody with worse recall can easily hit 300 reviews a day if they go full speed, and for most people it’s infeasible to maintain for almost a year.

Depending on your pre-existing knowledge, the latter SRS stages also feel harder, and the novelty of WK wears off, and honestly the last thing you ever want to do is your reviews.


Now that I’m on the PC, here are the graphs of the stats I’ve been keeping:


what’s this script please ?


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