Leech Squashing

I’m constantly stuck with 矢 versus 失, and occasionally 夫 comes into that too. :rage::rage::rage:


従業 Employment
就業 Employment
雇用 (this one is okay, but why is it needed?)
就職 Finding/getting Employment

They’re all する verbs/nouns too.

If anyone can let me know any nuanced differences (beyond pronunciation xD) that might stop me from getting so muddled.


I read this topic and couldn’t come up with any leeches of my own… and then I reviewed a bit and got bloody 会員 down to Apprentice.

I hate 会員. It makes no sense to me, like, 会 is company and 員 is member, therefore the member of a company should be “employee.”

But no. 会員 is “member” or “membership”. Because 会 also means “society”, and “employee” is actually 会社員.

I’m essentially hoping that by moaning a bit here I can commit it to memory hahah.

Other stupid pairs I always get wrong are 栄光 and 光栄. I’ve tried different mnemonics, but nothing works so far… I get the writing correct, but always switch he meanings.


What do you mean by “why is it needed?” Like… Because you happened to learn one word that means employment first why does the other one even exist in Japanese?

My understanding of 従業 and 雇用 is that the former is employment from the employee’s perspective, while the latter is from the employer’s perspective.

従業 is involvement in some kind of work.
雇用 is hiring people to do work.

I could be wrong though.

This does seem fairly obvious to me from the kanji though, since 従 means obey and 雇 means hire.


Well… 会 doesn’t mean company… So problem solved?


I seem to struggle most with task and make vocab. Like 作用 (action) and 大作 (an epic) and other combinations that make those same or similar translations. Generally mix them up with each other. I ended up giving up on them by thumbing up when I was wrong after getting sick of it. I wish there was a suspend option or similar, where an item that is failed enough gets removed, and not just back to lessons either, its own special place where they can get extra attention when we feel ready.

Leech-人: That rendaku’d-ass last kanji that you answer wrong 1 out of 7 times (is it leech-nin? leech-jin? leech-BITO??)
Perfect example! I’ve started putting in story for when it is freaking ninjas :wink:
But nichi/jitsu on day kills me a lot XD


You’re accidentally associating 会 with company since you’re probably used to seeing it with 会社. With that said, 社 does mean company and both 会社員 and 社員 do mean (company) employee.



Why does the vocab exist, in terms of the purpose it serves.

Those two do sound like they make sense, but what about the third one 就業, is that solely more to do with the act of getting a job? I was just curious about the usage and nuance of each. Natural context is hard to find.


I have plenty of leeches, but the most frustrating for me isn’t about confusing the kanji, only the meaning - I’m constantly confusing “tsukuru” and “tsukau.”

Like, I know what they mean, I know how they’re spelled, but gosh darn it, when speaking I constantly mix them up.


That one is I believe more like being employed versus not being employed. Like you said, getting a job. As opposed to your involvement in the work. But sometimes words just overlap. All I’m doing is reading dictionary definitions in Japanese that anyone can.


When prosperity radiates light (comes after prosperity), it’s glory, but when light shines on prosperity, it’s an honour?

Maybe try imagining something like a statue shining brightly and projecting rays of light in one case and the same statue being illuminated by spotlights in the other case?


I remembered that one by knowing that both readings in it are the secondary ones, and that fixing something to be correct is a sign of honesty!


For the most stubborn leech I just use ignore script to burn it; it’s just not worth all the time and energy.

Sometimes I’ll resurrect it during writing practice (I learn writing an item some time after it is burned; and learning a leech anew occasionally helps). Otherwise I’ll just let it be gone, life is better that way.



栄光: If the light is behind you, you will seem very glorious when people look towards you. Like with a halo, or this

光栄: The light shines at you from the front, so you are being honored. Perhaps by the king or gods devine grace.


Yup, that’s pretty much it. I’m dragging 会社 and 社員 into 会, which is not accurate. (When I said “should” I was mocking myself, not ascerting that it truly should be that way). It’s stupid because I have no problem with 会 individually or in any other reading, it’s just 会員.

Anyway, I think writing it out and seeing other people write it out too will definitely help.

And thank you, @Starker and @Heiopei for the mnemonics! I’ve tried thinking about where the light comes from, sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. The images might just make it stick lol


“boisterous and boisterouser”:

The kanji “boisterous,” as displayed on my laptop:

The kanji “boisterous,” as displayed on my phone:

EDIT: sorry sorry sorry for this being a repost! I had remembered talking about this issue in the forums before but totally forgot I had actually made a whole thread about it a year ago! Thought it was relevant to the leech conversation (as I just missed the burn on it this morning).


Didn’t you already start another thread about this (almost exactly a year ago):


omg :grimacing::confounded: see my edit yeah that’s embarassing

I like the direction that old thread went in though


LOL it’s okay, I do this sometimes myself, forgetting what I’ve posted months ago.

Note to self: smoke less weed.