Leech Breakdown

I added Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown, and the thread I got it from said, “Just click on the black boxes to see a list of your leeches,” but that isn’t working for me. Has something about the plugin changed since I read that? Sorry if this is in the wrong area, or duplicate, I’m new to the community area and Wanikani hijacks my CTRL+F for some reason, so it’s hard to search the archive.

All scripts by @hitechbunny have been failing in the past many months. Some have been revived by other users, but I don’t know if this is one of them.

One way to access the normal search is to place the cursor in the address field first.


Maybe I’m not understanding what you want to do. Isn’t the search at the top good for searching past threads?

Oh boy, I never knew that. Much useful.

Sometimes I just want to find something that’s right under my nose, y’know? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your mouth! Wait, this isn’t the riddle thread


Well, sure, but if you want to search the entire site that’s something else.

Thank you for the quick and helpful response! I didn’t know that about the normal search. Thank you all!

Or just type Ctrl + F a second time. :slight_smile:

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… Well that’s just witchery.


That doesn’t always work for me

That’s weird.

Y-You’re just witchery!