Learning vocabs from the previous level

I have noticed recently that while I am learning kanjis and radicals from level X, I am basically starting learning the vocabulary of level X-1. With numbers: I have just started level 10, but I have so far learned only 39 of the 119 vocabs of level 9.

I guess this is because at some point I had too many apprentice items that I stopped learning new vocabs for a while ( and just learned radicals/kanji with the sorting extension ), thus shifting the lessons back.

I am wondering whether this is a good thing or not. Maybe learning vocabs from the previous level helps to strengthen the memory of their kanjis. Or perhaps, this makes learning more difficult since you don’t apply immediately the kanjis you learn with real words.

What is your opinion?

You should catch up on your vocabulary, otherwise you might get problems later.
Some items build up on vocabulary of previous levels.

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My opinion is that many of these user scripts get used to undo the SRS system, which Our Lord and Savior @koichi went to a lot of trouble to create after much scientific research into what works best. It amazes me that people try the system, decide that they like it enough to spend money on it, then use the scripts to make it into something else. I only use by the undo script and limit my use of that to typos caused by my fat fingers using a cellphone.

If I’m getting overwhelmed, I stop doing lessons completely until my apprentice numbers go down.


Yeah, I use reorder script on lessons too. Always do lower levels first. Leave only current level and current level-1.

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Take it from me, don’t underestimate the vocab, prioritize them. I had to reset from 20 to 1 cause of it. And yeah, at level up you finally unlock much of past level vocab, so you need to do those before finishing the first batch of kanji and unlocking new vocab.
Sorting lessons by level is good though, getting the old vocabs out before the new ones, as you unlock vocab from two levels at once when you reach a new level (the ones belonging to the kanji you just gurued and the ones for the next level based on already learned kanji. Sometimes the same kanji, so do the old first) But reviews should be zeroed everyday, not sorted and only do some.
I also recommend not doing huge lesson batches in a day, set a limit for yourself. I will try 30 a day, in two sets of 15. And always reviews before lessons. If you do 150 lessons in a day, you will need to repeat them after 4 hours, 8 hours- you know the drill. Better to have smaller batches to not get overwhelmed. This is what I did wrong, saved up and did huge batches. You get overwhelmed and burned out.

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Thank you guys! I will stop learning new kanjis for some days and just focus on getting those vocabs to guru.

I know everyone is jumping to script abuse, which is a big concern, but it’s pretty normal that around half of a level’s vocabulary terms won’t unlock until you guru most of the kanji… resulting in a level up. There’s no way around this without stalling yourself out at just under 90% and there’s really no point in worrying about it. The levels are more or less arbitrary divides that won’t matter if the vocab is being studied close to their associated kanji.

At worst you are slightly behind on vocab lessons. Just pay attention to the lesson count and adjust accordingly. I don’t usually panic unless I’m finishing a level with 20+ lessons remaining. Generally speaking a mix of 10 kanji and 10-15 vocab per day should be fine (assuming a 7 day level goal). If I have to play catch up for some reason I’ll bump it up to 10kanji/20vocab for a few days.

Also, the pattern will change at level 14 where you’ll start getting around 7 radicals per level. At that point the vocab will start to shift and you’ll be able to do more of the associated terms in the same level as their kanji.

Yea I don’t see the worry with needing to pause your progress. I have been on 7 day levels and am still never more than half a level behind on vocab. I do 20 items a day, sometimes 25 if I have more than a handful of vocab from the last level. As long as you are strict with your lessons and reviews, there’s no reason you can’t level up quickly while also not being far behind in vocab.

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