Learn to write Hiragana and Katakana on a computer

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if someone is aware of an app/website/program to learn to write (by hand) Hiragana/Katakana.
I was thinking something along the lines you hear a mora and then you have to write the corresponding hiragana/katakana symbol from memory.
I wanted to do this with an app on a tablet i got for pre-Christmas, to avoid wasting the paper.

Reason for it all is I recently went to a japanese class and realized that I can’t write anything. Even if I never learn to write Kanji, I would like to at least be able to write Hiragana/Katakana.


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Hi @jsantosf!

I used the guides made by Tofugu and they did not disappoint. The guides are quite detailed and also contain further links for practice, retention, and further learning. I also included some links to the Tofugu articles on some cool and kawaii charts that you can use for your learning!

Hope this helps you!



I remember having an app on my phone (android) for a while that quizzed you on kana, writing included.

Looking at the Play Store, I think it was JustKana. Been a while, though, so I don’t remember the finer details.

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I used the android app “Write it! Japanese” for learning how to write Kana.
You only get tested on 5 different mora per test, so it might not be the best thing to use.

The app “Kanji Study” has both Hiragana and Katakana and it’s free. It shows you the “romajified” version of the mora like “ba, he, yu” and you have to write the mora with the correct stroke order. I’ve never really used that one much, but looking at it now it seems like it works really well.


That’s the one I used back then. ^^ Not JustKana.

There is an older windows app called kakitai, which I used extensively at one point (I just looked it up. It is still available, and it still functions). The other thing that I liked about it was katakana word searches.

Also, you can use kaniwani with a tablet.


Thanksbfor the suggestion, i have basically made screenshots of one fo the guides pasted in paint and I am writing there. Archaic but does the trick :slight_smile:

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Do you know if the app is available on Windows?

I need to say I found your cat avatar very cute.

I’ll try doing an online search for this app too. THANKS!

Watching this guy write and writting along with him really improved my handwritting.

Since you’re already got to level 23 I’m assuming you already mastered reading hiragana and just looking for some place to learn how to hand-write the characters.


As far as I know it isn’t. Maybe you could use an android emulator, but I don’t know if this would work properly and if it is worth the effort.

Looking at the chart and writing in paint like you are doing now seems simpler yet effective.

Hey as long as it works! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh thanks for posting this @damlurker, I was thinking of this but I forgot what thread I saw the video in, this was enlightening to watch also @jsantosf, I second this recommendation :100:
Now I want the same mechanical pencil!!! If anyone knows the brand and model I will thank you a lot!


The main thing you need to know is the stroke order. I’ve been using some books to get started (hiragana, katakana, kanji). You just need a book that is comfortable for writing.

Or… why not print out pages? Or just get a notebook and start copying basic words you know? I’ve been doing ~ mostly my own notebooks ~ especially as a way to write down vocabulary I’m learning outside of WaniKani and as a way to GROUP the vocabulary I’m learning from WaniKani more thematically/conceptually.

I’ve been intending to do this for ALL the vocab I’ve learned (eventually), but for the most part I’m just using textual resources and writing my notes, which is a method of learning I’ve found.

If you use a notebook, it’s less likely to waste paper, and if you are eventually writing vocab (which should be possible to develop into a habit after about a week) it will be much less of a waste of paper.

I love app names that include an exclamation mark. Feels like there’s a real mean teacher standing behind you shouting “Write it!”


I wouldn’t worry about “wasting paper”. A basic notebook costs almost nothing, and a few pages of loose paper even less. And environmentally it’s probably less than the electricity to run a computer.

Writing stuff by hand is a great way to learn. Just buy a notebook, fill a few pages with kana until you have them figured out, then use the rest of the notebook for kanji or grammar or whatever. There’s a difference between knowing how to produce a Kanji in an IME, and actually knowing how to write it.

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Just to clarify, an IME is the thing that converts Kana to Kanji with the same reading right?

I have an extension installed in my browser that lets me use my graphical tablet as an input device for writing kanji. You have to draw it with the correct stroke order, otherwise the program won’t recognize it. Since @jsantosf is using a tablet with windows, I reckon that it would work on their device as well.

I can’t help with apps that will quiz you, but looks like others have already got that covered. I can however recommend using something like this water pen set if you would like to practise some handwriting without using reams of paper:

(it’s also useful that the paper has gridlines to help you balance the characters)

I use an app called Drops, it’s purpose much bigger (teach a language 5 min per day :slight_smile:). It makes you trace kanas multiple times, while voicing it as well. I was using this app for a month in attempt to learn Japanese before I found WaniKani. I wish they had writing practice for kanji as well, but no.

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For the moment i just wanted to quickly learn the movements. My あ are horrible by the way. The last の loop always looks crooked…

I think the video is only good for listening if only my level was higher

In the end paint was the easiest way to go.

I only have the られりろる row to learn by now. The others i can “see” now in my head

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