Apps to learn how to write hiragana/katakana

I was wondering if I could get some recommendations for apps to practice writing hiragana/katakana. Preferably ones that teach stroke order.

are you on an iphone or an android? i’ve heard kana draw is good but as far as i know it’s only available on android. really though, i think you’ll be fine just using kana practice sheets. some apps offer the benefit of comparing your accuracy to the font version of the character automatically, but you can pretty easily do that yourself. i’ll link a couple sheets for you that include stroke order and have plenty of practice space. just make sure you follow the arrows and make note of how well you’re balancing your kana in the box. you might also want to watch some videos on youtube if you want someone to note common mistakes in writing and balancing kana.


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Thanks. Using Android. I’ll take a look at it today. Thanks for the worksheets too.

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