How to handwrite hiragana, katakana, and kanji?

So I learned the hiragana and katakana characters and how to type them on Tofugu a while ago, but I’ve been struggling with handwriting them. Tofugu says you don’t really need to know how to handwrite them, but I’m studying Japanese because I want to go to Japan for med school so I need to know how to write them out, so I was wondering if you guys knew of any good resources that would help me learn to handwrite all these kana.

Thank you in advance!


Yes! I have all 3 of these workbooks. They take you through each character and give you a good 100 boxes on each page to write them, much like a blank genkouyoushi notebook, but with the stroke instructions until you get it down in your memory. I’m still working through mine as I don’t have a need for writing, but I do want to learn stroke orders and writing eventually! Hope this helps some :slight_smile:


If you have an android device, I recommend Ringotan. It’s a SRS system for writing the Kanji and kana, it also has multiple ways to order the lessons, including Wanikani order. If you wanted to learn beyond the kana.


If you have an iOS device, I recommend Learn Japanese - Kanji. Donn’t let the name fool you, while it has kanji lessons the most useful part of it I’ve found is the kana section you do first, which has built in testing that tests you on stoke order and shape of your kana writing.

It’s really good with an iPad and a stylus.

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Then again, if the goal is med school, practicing your bad handwriting is the way to go?


if you want a free one, the first thing i ever got was the free N5 one from the online shop: Kanji Exercise Book for JLPT N5 – NIHONGO ICHIBAN

you can DL the first one for free. i really like it. i printed it personally.

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