Learn Japanese with your Favourite Anime

Hi everyone!
Do you learn Japanese by watching anime, movie and drama? Do you find it difficult to follow and understand? Share your experience about your Japanese learning.

I would like to introduce our free Japanese Learning app Mainingu to the Japanese learners. Mainingu is a new online flashcard app allowing to learn japanese for FREE using your favorite native anime or drama. Each flashcard includes a Japanese sentence with a hidden word, a video clip and a translation. The user tries to understand the hidden word pronounced in the audio track, and check the meaning and usage of the phrases.

It is completely free, no upgrade plans and no ads at all.
Welcome to feedback to us (e.g. adding more movies, enhance interface…etc) and we would like to improve it and share Japanese Learning experience. Let’s enjoy learning Japanese!


4 features of Mainingu,

  1. Learn with your favorite anime and dramas
  2. Basic japanese phrases in context
  3. Spaced-repetition flashcards
  4. Check each word details in one click

do the forum rules allow for ads if they are relevent? Was going to flag b/c it seems obvious that this person created an account to advertise their website, but it is relevent to learning japanese so i don’t know…

Just share the japanese learning and help those who are interested in japanese learning.
We aim at gathering user feedback if it helps them and any area needed to improve (e.g. adding more content, enhancing interface user friendliness). And it is free and not a trial version for business.
If it is irrelevant or treated as spam, admin please remove my post.

So this topic shouldn’t be a problem but it is really up to mods to decide on a case by case basis.

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If anyone care for going nuts and bolts with something like this, there’s this too. (a self made version of customized to you level sentence mining routine) :wink:


Hey I just had a look at it, it seems pretty good. It would be a lot better if you had to answer by typing the answer like this website.


Wow it’s a nice learning tool as well.
I like the function that the user can guess and fill the answer and it consists of a large variety of video.
We will see if we can enrich mainingu content and enhance the answering function.

Thanks for sharing!

While I’m not one to talk (I’m guilty as well :wink: ), I think the issue might be that this is the second thread created by the owners of the app, specifically to promote their app.

And the context in this reply is a bit different (“our app” vs “some of my friends are using”):

I’m sure it is a nice app though and it should be promoted for Japanese learners, but perhaps the marketing is a little bit off :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not the developer of this website.
This website is created by my groups of friends and we are also Japanese learners.
We want to share how we learnt Japanese and help beginners.

As what I replied, I passed N2 and failed N1 (obviously not a professional in Japanese).
I sometimes joined Japanese study group in university and watch drama myself to keep it up.
For my friends who are beginners, they are really using mainingu to practice and keep motivation. The main point is we want to gather the feedback to enhance the websites.

Again, if the “marketing” is too much and irrelevant, admin please remove all my post.

We allow posts that talk about other tools or resources as long as it’s part of a conversation covering either WaniKani or some specific topic of Japanese learning, not just as a general advertisement.

Closing this thread.

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