Leaderboard Syncing via Google Sheets

I had the idea to add leaderboard syncing capabilities to @Dani2 already wonderful Leaderboard Userscript. This can be feasibly done via Google Sheets, and having the leaderboard script automatically fetch data from Sheets similar to its current CSV import feature. Additionally Sheets has ways to limit editing access and allow only the owner and deemed google accounts editing capabilities should that be needed.

My main questions here today are…

Is it even worth making? Would people actually use this?

My hopes would be to use this in the ~Level 7 Leaderboard Group as it feels disheartening that I may be tracking other peoples progress, without them even seeing mine.

Additionally, I would like to implement a way for the Leaderboard Userscript to export formatted tables, probably in markdown. That way these threads that contain leaderboards that are updated by every user when they level up (with a lot forgetting to do exactly that), can easily be updated by a single user.