Lattice not working

WaniKani ist crashing when I try to enter the Lattice section of Kanji or Vocabulary. For example to see the progress. I tried it several times.

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Hmm I just tried it and it worked fine for me, I was able to see the lattices for radicals, kanji, and vocab :thinking:

hm how strange. It works for radicals for me but for Kanji and Vocab I always get a time out from the page. I use Chrome. And I never had this problem before.

No problem on my end, using Chrome and Firefox. Do you have stable internet connection?

I just did it on Chrome as well – do you have another browser you can try it in? It may be something just on your end :thinking:

I tried it with IE and it is working. So there must be some problem with my Chrome. Although I 've got no idea why only these two sites don’t work.
So nevermind and thanks for trying it out :wink:

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