Bring back the Lattice

I’m level 58, and after two years you finally gave me my most requested feature: Showing me my total review number rather than that damn 42+.

However, as I’ve seen many other people already point out, the lattice is gone. We’ve heard your reason, and we know, it loads horribly slow. Regardless, this is a feature I desperately want back, as it was such a motivation booster to be able to see all of my Kanji and Vocab on one screen, and see how much progress I’ve made.

It’s extremely disappointing to see this feature taken away right before I reached the end. Please bring it back, even if it’s buried somewhere in the menus.


Don’t worry, it’s not gone forever.


These can be used to temporarily relieve the pain


You beat me to the punch! Yep, pages are still there, just hidden from view from the non-hardcore-folks like you guys.


I think this can just be the permanent solution. Keep these URLs but do not link them from any menu items. The vast majority of users (especially new ones) will not know how to access them, thus reducing server load.

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I didn’t knew this existed and now I can’t live without it :heart_eyes: beautiful!

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That’s awesome! Thanks.

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More like “Bring back the ladies”, amiright?

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