Latency in reviews

During lessons everything is OK, but I recently noticed a lot of UI latency (lag time) while doing reviews. Basically sluggish response of the user interface. It is about 500 msec or so, extremely annoying.

Anyone else notice this?

I use chrome with win10 if it makes a difference.

Also I don’t use any scripts.

Hmm. When did you start noticing? We haven’t done any updates recently which would have affected the reviews module.

Looking at our metrics nothing abnormal is happening and the 99th percentile for response time is pretty low.

Could be the UI, but again we havent touch that part of the site.

Which part of reviews are you experiencing slowdown?

Edit: This may sound silly… how long since have you restarted your browser tab with WK loaded/Chrome/computer recently?

Thank you for the follow up (let me know if I should use some other bug reporting mechanism).

It first started maybe a week ago. It seems all the reviews are pretty slow. I also noticed lessons slowing down–at first they were perfectly fast but in the last session it slowed down as I moved farther on. In contrast all the reviews are equally slow from the beginning.

I periodically restart computer and browser. I’ll pay attention to whether this is related more carefully in the next review sessions. I’d be happy to try any troubleshooting techniques, diagnostics, or applications you recommend.

Also when using my other computer at home (Windows 7, chrome) there is no noticeable delay at all.

I’m digging into this a bit more and I’d like to try and recreate the problem. To help narrow it down, what part of the UI is slowing down? Is it everything (so, every click or submit) or is it only specific actions (like submitting a review answer)?

I know you said you weren’t using any userscripts, but do you have any browser extensions installed? Are there any other differences (besides Windows 10 vs Windows 7) between the two machines?

It seems like the kana conversion and answer submission are both slowed. Usually I don’t click any buttons so can’t answer about that. Previously I could double tap the enter key to submit and advance immediately but now I have to hover briefly until the advance button is activated.

Windows 10 is on a brand new laptop, win 7 on a PC. I could send something about the full config over PM if you think it would help

Another observation: during my last lesson session, there was no latency at all and I was flying along until there was a trigger after which everything slowed down. The trigger was when I got an item wrong two times and it automatically triggers the display of the additional information panel. That was when everything slowed way down in the lessons. Reviews are still slow all the time.

Thanks so much for looking into it.

I’m going to scoot this over to a private conversation so we look at some screenshots and logs without sharing it with the community at large. :slight_smile:

To summarize for any future readers, the symptoms are definitely related to the touchscheen on the laptop. After starting a lesson or review, it is fine until the moment when I touch on the touchscreen; thereafter everything has this long delay.

WK tech support didn’t offer any solution at this time however I just have to remember not to touch the touchscreen at all, and just use the mouse or regular touchpad.

@bynars99: we didn’t hear back from you in the private thread confirming it was an issue with the touch screen — our apologies if your return message got lost in the ether somehow!

We’ve got a bit of logic in the application that works around a bug in iOS. The logic introduces a small delay to prevent the browser from reloading the application when someone submits an answer. I’ll follow up next week to see if the bug has been fixed in the latest version of iOS. If so, we’ll be able to remove that patch and you can use the touch screen again. :slight_smile:

Is that why it’s so slow on my iPhone? :tired_face:

I get a similar issue. It probably began about a couple months ago and only happens every few days perhaps. A slight, but annoying, delay after submitting review answers. But even though I have a touchscreen (surface pro 3), I don’t use it when doing WK reviews. I do have a few userscripts and chrome extensions installed, but don’t think I installed the most recent one since well before this began. I usually keep a WK tab open for at least a few days and restart maybe every few days, so maybe there is a correlation there. Since it doesn’t happen too often, I haven’t found it worth complaining about, though.

Thanks very much!!!

We very much appreciate your active development and rapid fixes!

I looked into this late last week and then forgot to follow up here. :expressionless:

The bug is still in iOS — it’s pretty severe (it force reloads the page), so I’m hesitant to remove the fix. I’m going to look into narrowing down the delay to just iOS in the next couple days, and I’ll follow up here if we push a patch.


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