Reviews gradually get slower in Chrome

When doing reviews, after around 15+ or so reviews the delay between me pressing enter and the answer being inputted means I have to frequently refresh the session. I’ve tried disabling all my scripts and even using the same scripts in Firefox it works fine. Oddly enough the same happens when doing reviews on Bunpro in Chrome but again in Firefox it’s fine. Anyone else experience this?

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Yes and its been happening for months. After around maybe 20 lessons I have to refresh every 5. Only in chrome

That sounds like an odd issue. Perhaps clear cache?

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Tried but doesn’t seem to work. Glad to know it’s not just me though

Just as a note. I have not experienced this kind of slowdown on my Chrome browser (on either of my computers or my phone), so it is not a universal thing.


I’ve had this, too, for years. No one knows what causes it

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Clearly you need to download more ram.

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I see no problem. Just uninstall Chrome and use the superior browser :man_shrugging: It also get’s bonuses for not being spyware.

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