Language Exchange Message Board

So I have to say, this community inspired me to build a community solely concentrated on helping each other learn a language (Japanese and English in this case) I aim to have it up and running fully by the first of July. But I would like to invite y’all to check it out and give me some critiques!

The most important board before opening does not require you to register! and you can browse the whole message board (only able to post in pre-open board, sorry) I will be approving memberships (since I have already had a spam bot get through the open registration) and will approve them within 24 hours of request.

I like the games I have seen here, and the creativity Y’all get into topic wise! Hope to see you there!!!

Currently Looking For Admin!

Update: Website is almost done (everything important has been taken care of) now I need to start seeing activity. There is already quite a few things that can be done on this forum with plenty more coming! Scheduled to fully open on July the first. <- this is when I’ll start advertising like crazy. どうぞよろしくお願いします!

This looks pretty neat! I think I’ll register. 

You’re Awesome! :smiley: thank you!!

It is a great idea! I’m gonna register as well.

Thank you thank you!! I keep getting brain storms of more boards to add… :3 

Have you checked out Lang8? Might get some inspiration from some of the stuff those guys do. 

oooooo very nice! I just signed up for lang-8 as you suggested and it seems like a handy/interesting website that I look forward to interacting with. As far as getting Ideas, I will take a look around the site and see what creative vibes I can get from them. but from a first glance, their coding looks way more advanced than anything I know how to do. (I haven’t dove deeper into it-been a long day-but it looks pretty fancy to me). Thank you for the recommendation!! :]

Just registered and now I’m marking the thread.
Curious what it’s going to be like. c(°_:_°)つ

Thank you, thank you!!! If y’all have anymore link/source suggestions, I’m way down to take recommendations!

-See Description-

Seems awesome; just registered! 

Thank you!! :smiley:

Looks interesting. I think I’ll register, too. ~frankieb

xD Thank you Frankie!

Looks very interesting, thanks!
Just registered.


I just registered too, wooo!!!

Thank You Keru!!

This looks really neat- I think I’ll register! :) 

Thank you Gynxedさん!!